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By Cozy2

Hi everyone~! Jessica = E~v~i~c~t~ from Big Brother 19!! Awww snap, crackle, pop. Cody yes, oh snap there goes your girl, and all the people that just had reached out to you ; alliances=0 now,  poof gone…crackle; crack that neck, and pop; pop that chest out …your not a peacock..your doomed for the week buddy~!

Jessica deserves to go out, her mouth is vicious. She is spoiled and no ‘victim of circumstances’..she knows how to play this game and brought on most of this herself. I am not a fan of her mouth. I loved the fact Julie Chen told her she wasn’t the target this week. She is going to kick herself in her cute karma’d butt when or if she goes back to watch this. Hopefully she will realize how mean spirited she is.

This was a good eviction show compared to last nights POV challenge.    I think Cody’s going rogue is not going to help him, did they not teach him team spirit in the marines? What is it going to take for him to be nice to someone? Good to see Kevin realize that he needs to take control of his own game but too bad he tried to use the others in his alliance with cody, that’s going to be his eviction notice for sure.

Loved the quick change artists, that was fun to watch, they were really good! Looking forward to a messy long timed challenge soon, and of course, Zingbots gotta be in the house sometime soon don’t ya think? Plenty of good stuff for him this year for sure~!

This week hopefully will be a bit calmer but who knows, if BB doesn’t take those pots and pans away from Josh, I won’t listen that much. I cant see much of any other plan except send Cody to Jury … let him sit there by himself. Crickets say more than he chirps at any given time = boring!!

Good for Alex though I really was rooting for a new HOH, for me the viewer, its more fun to watch when new HOH’s take hold upstairs. Nice to know we get an extra night of fun on Friday and double eviction coming on soon, who is it you see going? My guesses are Cody is on the block or backdoored if he doesn’t win safety (I think they have one last temptation challenge?), I assume mark Kevin or Elena is going to be up there too, hard to tell, I cant read Alex too much except she is tight with Jason and Paul…Kevin, eh…don’t think so anymore. The house is about to divide once again, Chat at you after POV show enjoy your day.



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  • You say the house is "about to divide once again". When, exactly, was the last division. I missed it. Just seeing The Paul Show here.

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