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july14 Backyard Chat
By Cozy2

Hi everyone! Well, more in-house fighting everywhere and I am sick of it. I had no problem with Josh making his own agenda this week and try to get Elena out, but Jess is like she said; a sore winner (and a sore loser!) and I am so over her and Cody and their negativity they spread over the house.

I also, am a bit peeved that BB is letting HOH tell the houseguests that they are going up on the block. It takes ALL the suspense and fun of the Wednesday show knowing that Josh told Elena and Mark they were ‘pawns’ on the block…at least make them be a little bit shocked, and let the housegusts vote the way they want, tired of the side verses side effect right now(does that make sense?) ok, I know that because of the live feeds, but still, I would love to get ahold of the Rule Book of BB to fact check them a bit..this group is getting away with a lot more than past years (my opinion anyway…).

So, Jessica has dug herself in deep this week, and most likely has found her boot out the door coming soon. Her and Cody on the Jury together as Paul noted, could turn into a bitter part of a jury for sure  don’t you think? Ugh, I wouldn’t like them both on the jury.

Where in the world was Kevin last night? Are they melting him into the mirrors or what? Jason, Kevin were certainly left out of the limelight last night, and well, have been pretty boring in the house though Jason is figuring out the game and does not seem to be deterred by others opinions.

Again, I hope for a new HOH tonight to see where the house will go from now…did I like this OTEV comp this week? Not so much, I like the big goo glob OTEV better…the back drop, didn’t seem to fit the farm theme ,looked more like forest than farm theme to  me, with a graveyard too..the concept was all over the place. These guys just literally walked up the ramp this year…too bad Christmas couldn’t compete but was awesome that she knocked Cody out…

As I said last week, the guys are crying heartfelt tears this season way more than the girls, the girls can make these guys cry at the turn of a dime, Jess and her vicious mouth is usually at the start of it…leaks on to josh and then takes it out on mark, geez…the biggest meatballs are getting their lifetimes worth of tears out in 2 months.

I don’t know if Josh ever got a chance to chat with Jess alone, and too bad her sore loser aura took over.  I do not see Paul voting out Elena over Jess, as Jess is very competitive, spiteful, and plain rude when she doesn’t get her way, too bad, she could have been Americas sweetheart, she is not in my eyes…good luck to her just the same.

Its still anyone’s game at this point. I think this year its a lot of ‘words really do matter’…attitude adjustments for all…give them more booze…put on a happy face BB19~!! Enjoy the show tonight, and enjoy your day.


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  • Thanks for another great re-cap Cozy. I agree with you about the violations that seem to be overlooked. Physical violations, verbal abuses. Though not a violation, I'm over the annoying pots and pans.

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