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july14 Backyard Chat
By Cozy2

Hi everyone~! So what do you guys think of Josh’s HOH week so far? Bummer he didn’t get to pick have-nots this weeks.I have to admit, I watched more BBOT last fall, than hours of this season. I am still waiting for it to erupt in a good way.  These guys are like little skittles lost on the floor.

Paul is loosing ground as a ‘leader’ of their meatball pack. Christmas is going to go back and get in Josh’s head because she knows, she can manipulate his mind right now. She is a sly one for sure. Her smile is not fooling me. She is good at picking her battles and speaking mostly at the right time (shuts up till necessary)..which sometimes has more impact than the rambles of Paul’s insane drawn out schemes.

So we know that most of the house competed in the extra challenge, except Christmas and Cody is now safe for the week. Wow..such sad faces all around except Jess!  Mark and Elena are on the block. Elena is the target! What?  Ok, fine with me, and now Jess as the extra person, so that she can try for the POV necklace, who do you think will go home this week?

I sure hope this gets a bit more exciting, though I have been entertained with the live chats more so than the live feeds. Was Jessica really that scared? She was again being a spoiled sport and deserves to be on the block! Costumes were a lot better in there haunted BB house!

What did I learn this week? Not anything I didn’t already know, karma has come back once again bit Mark in the behind and is on the block. Elena, well, she is a flip-flopper so it is what it is..bye bye Elena? See ya later Jess? Mark pack your bags? I think its Elena unless she wins the POV…yikes..

So let’s hope we get an amazing POV challenge this week, and hope your favorites are still in it to win it and not just skim by floating under the radar or throwing comps. I like the chaos the after-challenges ensues. Enjoy your day.


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