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july16 battle Back
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Written by Al Mellis

Well Let's get to it.  The "Battle Back" is only a small part of the real battle the evicted house guests have been dealing with.  

How many of you know the circumstance under which the evictees have to live?  I think it was the last time they did a "Battle Back" the evicted house guests were sequestored in a local hotel with no television.  They had very restrictions on their movements out side of their room. They could take meals in the hotel dining room but only with a production assistant present.  Imagine if you will being locked in a hotel room with no TV?  I am sure they can watch video movies and Big Brother show replays.   I doubt they can watch the live feeds.  To a large extent it is sensory deprevation.  They don't even get to see the other evictee house guests.

What kind of competition will the "Battle Back" be?  To be honest we just don't know what kind of competition it will be.  It could be all questions but I doubt it.  It is more likely to be a physical competition of some kind, but as I said we just don't know.

Lets take at look at the evictee combatants:

Cameron Heard: poor Cameron has been sequestered so long he must be ready to climb the walls.  Actually that bodes well for a physcal competition, he will have lots of pent up energy.

Jillian Parker: Let's face it Jillain doesn't stand much of a chance if it is a physical competition.

Dominique: We're picking Dominique as the most likely house guest to be evicted.  Dominique stands a good chance no matter what kind of competition it is.

Cody Nickson:  Let's face it if it is a physical competition Cody is the over whelming favorite to win.

There we have it, Cody is the odds on favorite to win with Cameron being the sentimental favorite to win.  Dominique can't be ruled out and Jillian doesn't stand much of chance unlees it is question and answer comeptition.

Who do you think will win the "Battle Back?"

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