Thursday March 23, 2017

Big Brother 15: Not a good start for BB15!Big Brother 15

Not a good start for BB15!

Sunday at 8/7c on CBS

When Big Brother was its' best the fans were hanging on every word of the house guests to figure out which way the wind would blow in the Big Brother house. Ever since the Brigade Alliance things have been different. The list goes on and on.

Fans in general are very unhappy about the After Dark situation. Many fans that had enrolled to get Sho2 from therir cable provider are now cancelling their Sho2 and hating the TVGuide Channel offering of After Dark.

CBS Big Brother took over the "Live Feeds" and the quality and consistancy have dropped. The editing or switching away from important conversations is more than a distraction, it is a major annoyance.

Big Brother had its' worst premiere in at least 5 years and depending on how you view the numbers its' worst premiere ever.

Now take all of the above and add it to the following letter by a fan to Big Brother 15's  producer Alison Grodner.

* Letter written by Pennywise, original at http://tvgrapevine.com/forum/index.php?topic=338.msg5192;topicseen#new

"Dear Ms. Grodner

When you put idiots in the house with serious players? you get road kill each week!!... I want a competiton!!

And really? Three people on the block makes it easier for the "Moving Company" to dominate when the numbers go down... by week three it's over, so either wake up the idiots or break the Moving Company up!

If you got a twist that blows the gumball alliances up?...PLEASE USE IT THIS YEAR!

If moving company is going to the final 5? ...I can stop watching now, and pick it up in September.. What's the point?"

When you add it all up Big Brother 15 has a failing report card. If this trend continues, the future for this season and future seasons of Big Brother does not look good.


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