America's Got Talent: Recap For August 6, 2013

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Recap For August 6, 2013

Hello and welcome to another week of America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight we are coming to you live from NYC at Radio City Music Hall. We have twelve special acts competing for a chance to win a million dollars and a headlining act in Las Vegas.

We open with Nick Cannon introducing the judges….and then we get down to business.

Act: Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show
Talent: Acrobatics
Sammi: It is like Cirque du Soliel on steroids. I am in awe watching them. It is so beautiful to watch, very sexy and moving. I am half tempted to take my Visa to its limit to order tickets to their show. LOVE it.
Mel B:  So mesmerizing and fun for the whole family.
Howie: It was good, but not what he was expecting.
Howard: He loves it, but wonders if people will want to see them again.
Heidi: It was pretty but not grand enough. The balloon took over.

Act: Chicago Boyz
Talent: Acrobatics
Sammi: I never knew you could do so much with a jumprope. It is a fun mix of jump rope, dance, gymnastics and cheerleading stunts. (I remember some of those lifts from my own cheerleading days!) The human jump rope always reminds me of the Dancing With The Stars All Stars Call Me Maybe routine. It is so much fun to watch. Add this to my list of shows I will pay to see.
Howie: They were amazing and he loves them!
Howard: They were precise and all target. He loves everything about them.
Heidi: They use the 90 seconds wisely. They are awesome.
Mel B: She loves them and blows them kisses.

Act: Misti Dancing School
Talent: Dance
Sammi: It kind of reminds me of Mulan meets The King and I.  The entire routine captivates me and has my jaw on the ground from start to finish. Even if they don't win the show, they have a future ahead of them so bright that I hope they buy sunglasses! LOVE!
Howard: It is all about precision and it is a really big night tonight. He calls it beautiful and brilliant.
Heidi: They are beautiful and a visual feast. She would take her family to see them.
Mel B: Mystical, beautiful and amazing. Flawless.
Howie: Beautiful and cultural, but original and breathtaking.

Act: Kelsey and Bailey
Talent: Dog training
Sammi: I like the song choice and it looks like they are having fun. Bailey high fiving the judges was so precious. My favorite part though is the bond between them, it is so sweet and heartwarming. I am not sure it will work in Vegas, but maybe in Disney?
Heidi: She is impressed with the dog, but isn't sure it could be an hour long act.
Mel B: She likes them, but not the act.
Howie: He didn't like the act.
Howard: He likes them but isn't sure it was memorable.

Act: Brandon and Savannah
Talent: Music
Sammi:  They really commanded the stage and the sound is fabulous. It is hard to remember they are so young.
Mel B: She tells Savannah to put some clothes on. However, she loves the music and band.
Howie: They really delivered.
Howard: They owned it and they were remarkable.
Heidi: They rocked it like true professionals.

Act: Leon and Romy
Talent: Magic
Sammi: They are going to show how the trick is done, which should be interesting. I actually like it, it is almost like a reverse act. If they combine acts like this with regular magic (without giving away the secrets) they could really have something special.
Howard: He didn't get the whole act.
Howie: He liked all of it and says it is an old trick done a new way.
Heidi: She was entertained.
Mel B: She would have buzzed had it not been for Nick being in the box. It was too much.

Act: Deanna Dellacioppa
Talent: Singing
Sammi: She has a beautiful voice, such passion and commands the stage like nobody's business. However, my only concern is that with all the huge acts tonight she might get lost in the shuffle. Either way though, she is a great talent who is going to get something great out of this! For what it's worth, I hope she makes it through because she has something special.
Howard: It was a nice arrangement, emotional and toned down. Good job.
Heidi: She nailed it.
Mel B: Flawless!
Howie: By this time tomorrow night she will know what love is.

Aw, she is making me cry!

Act: David The Cobra Kid Weathers
Talent: Danger
Sammi: His act is getting close to a dangerous, deadly snake. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but WOW. That was something else. Seeing the snake wiggling about had me on the edge of my seat. Kids, don't try this at home.I would love to see what else he can do with the snake.
Heidi: She isn't sure what she was supposed to expect.
Mel B: She didn't like it and the snake scared her.
Howie: It was scary and entertaining.
Howard: It needed more attack and didn't work out too great for him.

Act: Jonathan Allen
Talent: Singing
Sammi: WOW. I am in tears listening to him. He is incredible. It is almost as good as the original and cannot wait to see what else he has in store.
Mel B: America is falling in love with him.
Howie: He hopes he moves to the next round. His dreams are coming true.
Howard: He likes the diversity but thinks he will have a tough time against the competition.
Heidi: She can see him in Vegas and Broadway.

Act: Kenichi Ebina
Talent: Dance/Variety
Sammi: I am in LOVE with the video game theme of the performance. It reminds me of The Matrix meets that video game from the Big Bang Theory they are always playing. The dancing, the special effects….everything so amazing. WOW. He just set the bar for the whole rest of the season. He is going to win this show.
Heidi: She liked it and thinks it was spot on.
Mel B: Ridiculous, edgy, fun, cool and off the hook.
Howie: HE HAS TO WIN!!!!
Howard: Genius and he is the whole package.

Act: Jim Meksimen
Talent: Comedy
Sammi: I had trouble hearing a bit in the beginning. I love how he does the celebrity impressions of Benjamin Franklin. I have never seen anything like this before. I've seen impressions, but doing impressions of impressions is ingenious!
Mel B: Completely on point and she was entertained the whole time.
Heidi: Very entertaining.
Howie: Working under this pressure is amazing.
Howard: He wanted a bit more.

Wait….hold the phone…..he is Marion Ross's son? Did I hear that correctly?

Act: American Military Spouse's Choir.
Talent: Music
Sammi: Thank you to all of their husbands for serving our country. Another act to make me cry tonight. There is so much passion, emotion and love in their performance that it is hard not to feel it. The pictures in the background really make me lose it. What a heartwarming, sweet touch. LOVE every moment.
Heidi: Perfect in her eyes. They are heroes for keeping their families together while their husbands protect us.
Mel B: She is in tears and loves it.
Howie: Moving way to end the night.
Howard: Great ending, well done.

Join us tomorrow for what promises to be the hardest night of eliminations in America's Got Talent history. Goodnight.

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