Friday March 24, 2017

On Tuesday, December 16thNBC will air Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas, A STOP MOTION ANIMATED TV SPECIAL, which is a collaboration of the holiday classic and the Broadway show based on the movie. To celebrate, TVGrapevine has an exclusive interview with DIRECTORS Mark Caballero  and Seamus Walsh,who,along with their producer  CHRIS FINNEGAN, are the co-founders HOLLYWOOD'S SCREEN NOVELTIES-- the brains behind this amazing project. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.  

1. The dynamic duo, who met during a UCLA Extension class got their start making films in a garage using a 16mm camera. They, along with their friend Chris, went on to work on shows such as Celebrity Death Match, which they describe as a good training ground for animators. 

This led to them doing film festivals (including the Animation Festival at the Met), commercials and shows for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

2. Mark says that the highlights of their careers include working on The Tortoise and the Hare, the Spongebob Christmas Special, and of course, the Elf Musical. He adds that while they die not start off doing Christmas stuff, they have been doing a lot of it lately and think it is a cool thing to do.

3. The Elf special was born when they were approached by WB to do a musical collaboration with nine songs. They loved the fact that they had free reign to do whatever they wanted and jumped on the idea. 

The biggest challenge, however was to condense it into 43 minutes for network TV. They wanted to make sure they got all the key scenes and maintain focus on the characters. I won’t give away their trade secrets on how they made it look so amazing, but I can promise you all that you are in for a special treat. 

4. Although they had easy access to the movie, they tried to avoid watching it as much as possible while creating the special. They did this because they wanted to see what they can create from memory. 

They also wanted to take the characters and exaggerate them a bit more, giving them a caricature of reality and their own personal touch. I won’t give away much, but be prepared to see Buddy and his awkwardness at a whole new level. 

5. Now that Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas is getting ready to air, Mark and Seamus are getting ready to work on several new projects. Some of the things they have  in the works include a Witch Doctor movie project that is a tiki extravaganza, a monster movie and another holiday movie that involves the devil, Santa and keeping kids in check. Stay tuned for more information on all of these projects.

Thank you to Mark, Seamus and their team for this interview and be sure to check out Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas! Check your local listings for showtimes.


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