Wednesday March 29, 2017

Big Brother 15 Updates "Kaitlyn: Game is Rigged for Elissa" 2:10 AM BBT, Thursday, 7-04-13

The HoH group, Amanda, Kaitlyn, Jeremy, Aaryn are talking.  Amanda says that she knows a lot about the game, is a phyical  threat, more dangerous and a threat, and Jeremy says she is getting physical benefits. Kaitlyn says that the whole f*ing game is rigged for her!  Amanda says that she is the third nominee, she f* backdoored her, do you think that was........ McCrea wanted to put her up in the beginning.

{sidebar id=8}Jeremy says that Kaitlyn walked into the storage room and she was...... you know the back door that door that leads to the back.  Elissa was running out of it and when she saw Kaitlin she asked if she wanted to go look in there with her and there was a girl standing in there.  (This is  2:10 A.M cam 3)  

Kaitlyn says she was buddy buddy with them. Aaryn says that she heard big time boo's when she cast her vote and then she knew that something that was not right.  They are portraying her as nice and me as the b*. She knew from her D/R last night that this was going to happen and they were putting it on me. They made her say why she thought that David would go home.

We get FISH

The Rigged Video

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