Friday March 24, 2017

BB15 Updates "Gina and Nick are so cute together" 4:00-4:30 AM BBT Thrusday 7-4-13

 Outside: Nick tells Gina his secret that the pill he takes at night is to cause his hair to stay nice because his dad went bald and he doesn’t want that. Gina says how she would rather have Howard than Candace in the challenge. Gina runs off how she likes all the people left except Elissa. Gina says that she has an eating issue.

HOH Room: Aaryn say that Elissa needs to make a new fan base and Aaryn accuses her of doing everything on TV. Jeremy says that Elissa is over-rated.

Hammock: Gina is in the hammock telling Nick a story about a prior boyfriend. Gina says that she can’t wait for the day that she gets to kiss him. They are a very cute couple I think. Nick says that they can’t give away the fact that they “like” each other.


HOH Room: Aaryn asks Judd where he is sleeping tonight, supposedly someone called Caitlyn and Jeremy were doing it last night but I guess they weren’t. They called out Amanda and McCrae last Night and they admitted to it.

I now have a new favorite player. Gina Marie and Nick are so cute together.

HOH Room: Judd is being interrogated by Aaryn. Aaryn hopes that David will be given the chance to come back in the house. She says Judd you will always be Judas to me.

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