Friday March 24, 2017

BB15 Updates "Howard and Helen workout" 9:30-10:00 AM BBT Tuesday 7-2-13


Outside: Howard talking with Spencer. Howard says that Nick was in the kitchen making eggs late last night. Helen goes outside to quote “Get her run on”.

Rainbow Room: Despite David and Aaryn supposedly breaking up last night they are still sleeping together.

Outside: Howard runs with Helen. One thing I definitely like about Helen is that she is an early riser. I being an early riser also. I find it amusing that Helen and Howard are running and they really don’t need it but Spencer is sitting in the hammock watching them run where he probably should be running. Spencer says that McCrae needs to play up the fact that he will be aligned with Amanda long even though that isn’t the plan.

RECAP: Howard and Helen continue to run. McCrae and Amanda continue to sleep. I wish there was more going on for you guys to read about but sadly there just isn’t.

Outside: Helen is leading the workout with Howard. Howard is struggling to keep up with Helen running. This surprises me because Howard was the professional football player and Helen is the mother in this situation. They start up their next set of 30 laps.


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