Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 15 Updates, Selfish 11:30 pm BBT Sunday 6-30-13

Small World:  Jeremy and David laughing about all the food Judd wants to eat at midnight.  Jeremy starts back in on how ugly Elissa is and how ugly she acts.  He says he just became the a**hole of America - it is what it is...  (leaving this room)

Outside:  Cameras still on Spencer and Nick in the hammock.  They are still scheming and talking about who is going up till the MC is final five.  Basically going in circles.  Nick says he is going upstairs to play checkers with Gina.  Says to tell anyone that asks, that I refused to talk game with you.

Fish (Jeremy must be at it again)

Spencer says tell them I talked about Marilyn back home.  Nick says he is going to play checkers and will tell Gina that he (Spencer) is gunning for Elissa to keep them confused.  Nick says from now to Wednesday is nothing but f*ing work.  Spencer says you are dealing with teeny boppers.  Nick says Megan was my first girlfriend and that is what we were talking about - he goes to the patio to get Gina.  They walk arm-in-arm to the kitchen.

Kitchen:  Jeremy and Kaitlin rubbing up against each other.  Jeremy tells Jessie he has already finished off the red wine.  He hands her a glass then they walk to the Graphic room.  He tells her he wants to make sure she is still on our side.  She swears she is.  She took a swig of the red wine, now Jeremy wants it back.  She doesn't want to give it back, he says he knows she drinks white wine.

{sidebar id=8}Fish

Jeremy tells Jessie that she better not drift off or he will cut her head off.  He swigs the red, then the white/OJ mix.  He tells her to finish the red.  He says he doesn't want them to know the bottle of red is gone.  Jeremy stops Judd and tells him they drank all the red wine but left the beer for him.  Jeremy tells Aaryn to share her white wine with Kaitlin because he finished off the red wine.  Kaitlin is livid that all the wine is gone.  She says the have-nots have waited a week.  Jeremy laughs and remarks he doesn't care.  Kaitlin tells him he in an inconsiderate prick and hands the glass back to Aaryn saying she doesn't want to be a part of this.   (Sounds like they have polished off 2 of the 3 bottles of wine, plus the beer)


Kaitlin sings proud to be beaus and hoes... back to


Jeremy says to tell them she didn't drink red wine she was in the DR.  He says blame it on me, I don't care.  He wants to get the last bottle.  Judd says I don't think you should do that.  Aaryn says I'm buzzed and not sorry.  Jeremy agrees.  He admits that he gave a last glass of red wine to Jessie.  Judd asks where the bottle is.  Jeremy says kitchen trash, no reason to hide it.   Andy enters and tells them they are about to eat and drink.  Kaitlin says she has been in a long DR session.  Jeremy says an hour or close to it.

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