Big Brother 15 Updates, Jobs for Everyone  10:00 pm BBT Sunday 6-30-13

Outside:  Aaryn says she can't believe the story Kaitlin just told.  David reminds her America is watching.  Kaitlin says that is why she did it.  Sorry, but she is on national television.  She sits on the patio and takes a smoke.   Says she has only had sex a couple of times in the last few years.  She asks Jessie how many cigarettes she has.  Jessie says 23 packs.  Kaitlin tells her she can cut back.  Jessie says she is trying.  She asks Kaitlin her plans after the show.  Kaitlin says her brother and dad have been trying to convince her to come to Vegas


She wants to bartend at a night club eventually and thinks BB on the resume will help.  Says her dad will pay for her to return to school.  Talks about an older man she has a crush on in Vegas and he doesn't know she is in the BB house, nor does he know she has a crush.  Candice joins them on the patio.  Jessie says she is definitely going to come to Vegas to hang out.  Kaitlin says her dad said anyone she brought out there would have a job with him.  Elissa lays down on the couch.  

HOH:  Andy tells Amanda they have Jessie in a good place.  Amanda says those girls are nasty to her, rubbing her face in it every day.  Amanda says there is only one bitch in this house...  Andy says Spencer, they laugh.  Amanda asks if they show "us" strategizing.  Andy says some, but they keep a lot of it off so the eviction is shocking.  Andy says they have totally lost Gina, she has gone to the other side.  Thinks it is probably a good thing.  Andy says Gina thinks Elissa is going.  Amanda says good, I want her to blow up.  

Judd joins the group complains about the mug of wine David had last night.  Andy and Judd talk about how the Haves rub in the fact they can eat. Amanda says they haven't experienced it.  McCrea says they have never been hungry.  Judd says it makes you appreciate food and how many are hungry every day.  

Amanda talks about paranoia and how the plan is flawless.

Backyard:  Jeremy talking about another of his alliances with Spencer, reassuring him his heart is with the MC.  Spencer tells him that it pisses him off that he (Jeremy) takes all the heat for having a showmance while McCrae and Amanda are sleeping together upstairs and no one cares.  Spencer says he doesn't like it when they start keeping secrets.  Spencer says if one of MC wins HOH, they get to do what they want without the influence of the rest of the group.

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