Thursday February 23, 2017

Julie Chen Big Brother 15: Four Short Weeks To GoBig Brother 15

Four Short Weeks To Go

In four very short weeks Big Brother 15 will begin on Thursday, June 26. That is approxiamately 2 weeks earlier than in the past. With 4 weeks to go there are still many questions about BB15 left to be answered. What's going to be the deal with the Live Feeds? How many house guests and who will they be? Those are just a few of the questions and there are many more.

CBS Entertainment is remaining tight lipped about anything to do with Big Brother 15. At this point Big Brother has yet to be listed as an active show on CBS Entertainment. We imagine that will be changing very soon and we are watching closely for the first release of official information.

The selection of house guests is almost complete. The producer now just have to settle on eactly who will make the show and who will be left on standby status or sent home. Rumor has it that there will be more houseguests than ever before. Perhaps between 17 to 20 houseguests to start the season.
Big Brother Live Feeds
The Live Feeds are undergoing a huge transition from being managed by SuperPass to now being managed by CBS Big Brother. In the past websites were paid to pomote and sell the Live Feeds. With only 4 weeks left to go before show time it is looking more and more like the no one is going to be compenstated for promoting the Life Feeds.  The Live Feeds may very will end up being free just as they were for Big Brother Canada.

One thing fans enjoyed about Big Brother Canada was the lack of predictability. We have heard with that thought in mind many changes have been made to Big Brother 15 including a very updated house.

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