BB15 Updates "Andy falls in pool" 6:30-7:00 PM BBT Monday 8-26-13

BB15 Updates "Andy falls in pool" 6:30-7:00 PM BBT Monday 8-26-13


Outside: Andy jumped up to catch a moth and he fell in the pool with his mic. He says he didn’t hurt himself but he definitely hurt his mic.

HOH Room: Elissa is on her bed reading her bible.

Outside: Aaryn comes out and is trying to figure out what happened to Andy. Aaryn is telling Amanda about the comment of tormenting Elissa.

HOH Bathroom: Andy comes up and asks Elissa about taking an HOH shower because he is now a big mess.

Outside: Amanda is telling Aaryn that she doesn’t have the numbers to save her at this point. Amanda is trying to get off the topic. Aaryn says that they told her that they would always have her back. GM is teaching Amanda the Brooklyn word “Goocth”. Aaryn says how hard it is to not uses the internet. Spencer says that he hopes someone who sucks would die while they were in the house. Judd is told to go to DR. McCrae explains his theory on the Westborough Baptist church.

HOH Room: Elissa has her yoga mat out and she is changing into her yoga outfit.

Outside: Aaryn wonders that if they would say something if one of their family members were to die. Judd comes out and is told what happened to Andy. Amanda is mad that people are campaigning to Elissa because Elissa is not voting. Spencer says that Judd’s hair is nice when she wakes up.

By the way there is a petition to have Amanda removed from the BB House. Whether it will work or not I dont know but here is the link. Please sign it because Amanda is the cancer that needs to be removed from BB15. Aaryn is nothing compared to Amanda. http://www.change.org/petitions/cbs-remove-amanda-zuckerman-from-the-big-brother-house Please save BB15.

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