Big Brother 15 Updates, GM on a Rant 1:30 am BBT Monday 8-26-13

Big Brother 15 Updates,  GM on a Rant  1:30 am BBT Monday 8-26-13

Patio:  Andy says well, Elissa is following through on her threat to me last week.  Spencer says it's not over yet.  Awkward silence...  Andy sighs oh my god...  Judd says maybe I can give her my shirt to put up GM.  Andy says she does own her own ice arena... he says don't put your neck out for me... Judd says it would be a help to me and both of you.  Andy says we only have a month left, it's gonna be quick.  I don't think this week will be another DE.  Judd says I don't want to go on another DE.  Andy says you coming back is the best thing that could happend to us.  Judd says if you guys had been working with McCrae and Amanda I wouldn't have aligned with you.  He says McCrae may not be  so bad without Amanda.  Andy says I wonder what America's perception is of her.  Judd says bitch from holy hell.  Spencer says I think people would like McCrae if he wasn't always in the sack with Amanda.  Anday says I wonder if she is being portrayed... think of other bitches on the show...  She's like an evel dick... Spencer says she is just a bitch.  Judd says I don't think there has been one worse than her.  Janelle was a pleasant person to be around.  Spencer says she ain't no Janelle.  GM comes out and walks to the hammock.

Hammock:  Judd says are you all right?  Are you mad at me?  What's going on?  She says no, my shoulders hurt.  GM says I was f*ing laying down and she was giggling... Judd says Elissa?  GM says no, Aaryn.  Judd says Amanda came out and said you told them what was said out here.  GM says she was f*ing grilling me.  GM calls Andy over.  She says I don't know what the f* is going on.  Andy says I told you what was going on with me.  GM says it ws like all of you grilling me out here, then Amanda in their grilling me.  I don't know who my f*ing friends are.  She sleeps in there with Amanda.  Elissa is the only one being f*ing nice to me and if I talk to her everyone is like I'm f*ing aligned with her and I've been working out with her for weeks!!  

Andy says I told you if you went up, I would not vote you out.  That is why I wanted you to say it with Elissa there.  Says now Aaryn is acting mad weird.... it's every man for himself after a while.  I feel like everyone is twisting my s* around and making it like I wasn't keeping my word.  She's on a rampage about people saying what was said between two people when they weren't even there.  

Spencer, Andy and Judd sit listening to her while she vents about all the things that have been said about her.  She says I just want to get this f*ing straight about my supposed eating disorder... I haave always eaten the way and do.. I know it ihas been brought up and I don't care what the f*ing psycho or anyone talking in DR, I eat the way I eat, if anyone has a problem with the way I eat, it's the way I eat.   I'm shy eating around people.  I don't eat full meals, I don't know what the f* was said... I know I had the f*ing psycho doctor coming in and telling me about it and f* talking abou f*ing committing suicide over Nick and


She is ranting that it was Amanda that started that.  Andy starts in again about if either of us go up.  


GM now talking about how she liked Helen...  Judd says I'll give you my letter from home to hold till Thursday and you can keep it if I vote you out.  Andy says if I go up, can I wear the bear shirt.  Judd says sure.  She talks about getting caught up in Amanda and Aaryn's racial sh*t.  Says I have a lot of black friends, s* I even act black most of the time.  Judd says did you notice when I try to talk to you, she always comes in.  GM says yes, and anything I say to her she runs and tells Amanda like she is some f*ing puppet or some f*ing thing.  On to ranting about Aaryn being brought up on a ranch.  Andy says if this is the final four right here I would be happy because we all need the money.

GM now ranting about Amanda.  Says MCCrae wins, she will take the f*ing money and go on a shopping spree... says she must have a vagina of gold because she has so f*ing many men every week, and talks about swinging, then f*ing pregnant right before the show...  Spencer says we have heard hundreds of boyfriend stories from her and she has lived with all of them... All of them!  GM says I'm a one woman and I think about Nick everyday... Sorry I haven't had a f*ing thousand dicks up my a**... I wear the hat because I like the f*ing kid.  This rant goes on and on and on (some parts are pretty funny, some very sad)

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