BB15 Updates "Waking Up" 9:15-10:00 AM BBT Friday 8-9-13

BB15 Updates "Waking Up" 9:15-10:00 AM BBT Friday 8-9-13

 Outside: Helen is telling Spencer that she hopes she was able to return the favor. Helen says that she is glad Spencer is here and that Judd is toooooooo good at this game.

Kitchen: Elissa is mixing the muffins. Aaryn asks her what her career path is. Elissa says that she wants to run a wellness center.

Outside: Helen is stretching. Helen says that she feels bad for Caitlyn, Andy says whatever. Andy complains about Howard’s actions make him completely untrustable.


Outside: Helen tells Andy that he needs to get his brain going because people are going to want to talk to him all morning about his nominations.

Kitchen: Elissa and Aaryn are talking about some of the charity work they do.

HOH Room: Andy asks Aaryn about the TV in the HOH room. He says that it isn’t working. Aaryn says that is what usually occurs at this point. Andy says that it would be different if they were all pairs. Andy talks about season 6 where they were all related. They are trying to make relationships between them all. Aaryn says that Elissa and her could be sisters. Hahahahahahaha. McCrae wanders in for water. Aaryn says she and Judd could be brother and sister.

Outside: Helen has moved onto the elliptical and then she is doing the laundry. GM is doing her makeup in the bathroom.

Kitchen: Elissa is telling Aaryn about her husband’s friend who speaks a ton of different languages.

Outside: McCrae is bringing coffee outside. Helen says that it is a coffee kind of morning. Helen says that it feels like back to school weather.

Kitchen: They are talking about the amount of protein in the slop. Aaryn says that she is going to workout. Aaryn says that she tried to trick Jessie and Amanda and it didn’t work for either of them.

Outside: Helen tells McCrae how she misses seeing Judd on the couch watching her run.

Outside: Aaryn has a double ponytail going on and she is doing yoga. Elissa is making the slop inside. Aaryn tells a story about DR. She says that they asked her, what if one person could compete to come back in the house. Andy jokes about America bringing the moving company into the house. Helen jokes about increasing the prize money; Aaryn wants it to be a million dollars and a hosting gig on CBS. Andy confirms that if he gets Pandora’s Box, they want him to open it.  

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