Big Brother 15 Updates “Aftermath of Judd/Jessie Fight” 1:30 PM BBT, Thursday, 8-8-13

Big Brother 15 Updates “Aftermath of Judd/Jessie Fight” 1:30 PM BBT, Thursday, 8-8-13

Parlor: Judd, Amanda, and McCrae. Judd is bashing Jessie over the fight they just had.  Amanda leaves to make a quesadilla. Judd just continues to tell the Jessie story. Judd says was I mean? MC says no but I don’t know how Helen took it. Judd says Helen should stay out of it. I shouldn’t have said I am tired of pretending to like you. They both laugh.

Bathroom: Judd comes in to where Candice and Helen are. Judd apologizes if he offended either of them. Judd says she has been looking for a fight. Judd is justifying his comments. Helen says I just wanted you to know she was upset. Judd says they were crocodile tears. Judd says I don’t want you to think that I degrade women, or a women hater. Candice says I think she is insecure, one min you are making out and the next she feels you are throwing her under the bus. Judd just nods and says just because I fight doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I ‘ve been walking on eggshells around her, I have distance myself. Candice says that probably hurt her, do you like Aaryn. Judd says no. Candice says maybe you need to tell her that.

Kitchen: Helen, Elissa, and Amanda about Judd’s comment. Elissa and Helen go to the have-not room. Helen says we can’t trust Judd he wants us out of the game. You can’t tell anyone! Don’t say anything to anyone Amanda or McCrae. Helen says …. Judd comes in and repeats to Elissa his apology.  <>< <>< <>< <>< Elissa asks who Judd would put up. Judd says Jessie and either GM or Aaryn. He doesn’t want to put up Spencer.  

Kitchen: Amanda and McCrae are laughing about the Judd Jessie blow up and making lunch.

Have-not room: Helen talks about backdooring Judd. Helen says I am afraid Elissa that when Amanda leaves McCrae will work Spencer, Judd and Andy. Keep her a little longer so that when Amanda leaves McCrae will work with us. Otherwise they will take the game. Helen talks about dwindling the guys again. Elissa would rather get rid of GM or Aaryn. Elissa says is Jessie a vote for us? Helen says don’t trust Jessie she is going to go with the power. McCrae walks in. Mc Doesn’t want to win HOH unless Jessie is the last one. Elissa wants the second one because of pictures. McCrae talks about Judd having to put up who they want up. Spencer and Jessie. Helen wants Judd to take out Jessie. Helen wants Judd out, he is scary he is trying to pit us against you guys.  McCrae is called to the DR. Andy and Judd walk in.

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