BB15 Updates "The Replacement Nominee is" 10:00-11:00 AM BBT Monday 8-5-13

BB15 Updates "The Replacement Nominee is" 10:00-11:00 AM BBT Monday 8-5-13

Photo Booth Room: Helen just tells Andy that they have to talk to Judd alone to see what he is thinking about targeting Amanda.


TRIVIA... For the Veto ceremony.

10:48 AM we are back and Spencer is the replacement nominee

Graphics Room: Helen is telling McCrae and Amanda in the bed, that GM is making it an incredibly big deal the Candace is the target. Amanda is orange.

Storage Room: Helen tells Elissa that she can’t vote Spencer out because she would be the only one doing it. Helen says that she is not ready to take Amanda out. Elissa accuses Helen of keeping Spencer because she is working with them. Andy and Judd go in to get some food. Judd decides he doesn’t want to eat anything. Andy tells Judd that Jessie is going to continue to try and get Amanda out of the house.

HOH Room: Spencer went to meet up with Coney. GM is just lecturing to him that no one will vote him out and it will be a unanimous vote to evict Candace this week. GM says I did things for them; they should do things for me.

Storage Room: Helen tells Andy and Judd that she doesn’t know what is going on with Elissa. Helen says that she thinks Jessie is feeding info to Elissa. Judd, Helen and Andy decide that Jessie doesn’t deserve to go to jury. I am pretty sure that it is going to be a jury of 9 and everyone left in the house will be a staple for the rest of the season.

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