Big Brother 15 Updates "Andy and Amanda and the Bear Shirt?" 3:30 PM BBT, Sunday, 7-28-13

Big Brother 15 Updates "Andy and Amanda and the Bear Shirt?" 3:30 PM BBT,  Sunday, 7-28-13

Amanda is on a roll and carrying the conversation.  They talk about clothes for the renomination ceremony. Amanda says she is wearing the Bear shirt. Andy says that he called it two days ago.  Amanda says that she called it four days ago and she is on the frickin block by a person who doesn't come forward and if he wants to wear it on the block nominated by a person who won't identify themselves she will let him wear it.  She says and your answer is NO!

Judd is going to lay out and is looking for the sunscreen.  He gets the vegetable oil and the girls say no.  

Amanda wants whole milk so she can cook with it and they won't give it to her. Andy says that he is confused by Kroger and Ralphs.  The creamy comes from Ralphs and crunchy from Kroger, peanut butter that is. Same stuff, different label.  There are no super WalMarts in Chicago Andy says.

Amanda is called to the diary room.  Andy says that he lived his whole life in Aurora west side, and the east side can be dangerous.  His subdivision is right on the outskirts and is kind of like an upper middle class, but they are like the poorest family in there but there are million dollar homes in the neighborhood.  He says that they changed to Sugar Grove because they wanted to switch towns and went from having the Aurora public library and numerous public parks to Sugar Grove which has only a small library and almost no parks.  They did it to improve their reputation.  

Spencer tells about people who changed school districts and how kids who walked to school now have to ride a bus.  McCrea says that his town has one street light and is a high school town and has about 7,000.  His sister went to the same school as Candice, but they were private schools and his sister went for the hockey.  

Aaryn is in the kitchen cleaning her heart out.  They talk about Helen having Mersa and she could not hold the baby for three months because of the antibiotics.  Mersa is in schools, hospitals, and gyms.  Amanda says that she is a strong woman.  Helen says that she thinks that Amanda is very strong.

Helen thanks Aaryn for keeping her end of the deal and she is trusting her.  She realizes that many of the things that Elissa said about her may be skewed and she is going to look at her as if it is a new game.  She apologizes to her for anything she said to the American public about her.  She says that she only knew one part of her.  She says that Elissa is a very good friend of hers and we have only known each other for a few weeks and she wants to play with the best people.  She says that th chip on her shoulder has gone away and she wants them to play a new game together.  

Helen says that Spencer needs to go out next week because he is coming after her.  Andy comes up to join the three of them.  Helen says that Spencer won't talk any game with her.  She feels that he is general and talked game with her in the past, but now he is not talking game with her.  McCrea says that he is campaigning for Howard to stay and he said no.  He says that there are always possibilities to keep open, and Candice is going up.  McCrea says that he told Spencer that it was her and GM so that he didn't think that it would be him.  They continue to talk about Spencer and the situation.


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