BB15 Updates "Jessie and Ju.. Steven Tyler?" 10:30-11:00 AM BBT Friday 7-26-13

BB15 Updates "Jessie and Ju.. Steven Tyler?" 10:30-11:00 AM BBT Friday 7-26-13

Bathroom: They are curious if Aaryn has been called to DR yet, because I would expect a have-not competition shortly.

Rainbow Room: Howard is lying in bed face down. Candace tells him that he needs to eat something in case we have a have-not competition.

Living Room: Helen and Judd are on the living room sofas. Helen says that if she was a have-not it wouldn’t be the end of the world if she lost. Judd says that they should stick Helen on GM’s team and then that would make her a have-not.

Bathroom: Jessie is doing her hair. McCrae says that he is scared it may be another eating competition. He says that he knows it won’t be, but he really would not be happy if it was. Spencer is making fun of Jessie by saying she dreamed that she made out with Steven Tyler. Spencer says that Jessie was funny last night.

Living Room: Helen says that she doesn’t know if she would take a shower today or not. They are given the production warning. Howard is called to the Diary Room. Andy yells at Howard and tells him not to put him up for MVP.


Living Room: Helen doesn’t know if she should eat or not.

Kitchen: Elissa is surprised they have energizer batteries for the battery packs. Elissa asks Helen if she wants eggs and she says no. Amanda asks McCrae why he can tell people to stop singing and then sing himself. Amanda tells him that he comes off obnoxious when he sings.

Storage Room: Andy heads to check for some more juice in storage. They discover that there is apple juice. Elissa seems to be in a good mood, although she was not in one last night.

Kitchen: Elissa is cleaning out the refrigerator. Candace says that she may have eaten to much food last night.

HOH Bathroom: Jessie comes up to borrow the lint roller from Aaryn. Jessie tells Aaryn that she was getting crap from Amanda in the bathroom about being the prettiest girl in the house right now. Aaryn is doing her hair. They agree that they are not great fans of Candace.

Living Room: A good batch of them is in there talking about last night. Helen is happy that she got a question from Julie this week. Amanda says that GM’s eviction speech was very good last night. Andy has a beer mug full of Apple Juice this morning.

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