BB15 Updates "They are on to the plan" 3:00-3:30 AM BBT Saturday 7-20-13

BB15 Updates "They are on to the plan" 3:00-3:30 AM BBT Saturday 7-20-13

 HOH Room: They are talking about what some of the topics for their show will be. Gina getting 2nd place in the Have-Not Comp for Nick will be a topic. Gina thinks the twist could be that the baking lady who hosted the first veto competition is still in the house. Judd says said that maybe America will vote for MVP.

Hammock: Candace is lying outside.

HOH Room: Gina Marie says she likes what they had to do for the Have-Not. Judd says that Elissa told her it isn’t her. They had an encounter in the kitchen. Elissa says that she thinks America is going to vote. Amanda says well who are they going to vote for. Elissa said well I don’t know because Aaryn and Caitlyn are already on the block. Caitlyn says that Aaryn was mad at her when she won the veto comp last week.

Have-Not Room: Candace moves from the Hammock to the Have-Not Room to head to bed.

HOH Room: Judd is starting to do Shoutouts. Spencer says what if the Chef Joe gets to come back in the house and that was the twist, Andy and Judd briefly talk about feeders. They are talking about Solitary Confinement; Caitlyn says that you have to eat slop. Andy asks how they get it to you. Amanda comes in to the HOH room, to take McCrae. Andy says that he is getting sleepy and it might be bedtime.

Stairs: Amanda and McCrae head outside for a smoke. Amanda is worried that Howard got MVP.

Outside: Andy comes outside on the couch. Elissa is swearing up and down about the fact that she didn’t get MVP. Judd comes down to sit and speculate with McCrae and Amanda before they head to bead.

Bathroom: Spencer tells Andy that he is good with them in this house and that he doesn’t need to sit behing Helen and Elissa the whole time.

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