Big Brother 15 Updates: Judd, GinaMarie and Mangos. 5:00 pm BBT Fri 7.19.13

Big Brother 15 Updates: Judd, GinaMarie and Mangos.  5:00 pm BBT Fri 7.19.13

GM in the photolounge with GM telling Judd he needs a hoh. He is not in his face. Judd whispers he needs to talk to Elisa so she doesn’t put you up. They leave. go up to the hoh rom. they whisper, 3 peeps sleeping, but all covered up not sure who. She grabs some candy and leaves. Talk of where everyone his. GM isn’t tired.

No talking, no scheming. It’s a dead zone here…AND BEFORE NOMINATIONS!!! Most of them seem pretty secure it appears. Judd eating candy and goes downstrairs. Then realizes he forgot the coke. Goes back for it. goes down to the kitchen. the only game is GM and Judd. The two with

the thickest accents…great and we get the added benefit of them talking with their mouths full of candy…sorry dried mangos. They are quizzing each other on the comp. (for future reference). GM says she doesn’t feel like eating as she is pulling stuff out of the refrigerator. Judd is asking GM about Howard. She says she heard that Howard was throwing the comp so they would be HNs. She thinks they wanted them to trade so the ones that haven’t been a HN would be one team and have them lose so they would be HNs. Now talk of the food them can eat.

5:17pm bbt we go BAM to Trivia…. Normally go to fish for a minute. back and forth then TRIVIA.  Not today. let the nominations commence.

Well I am going to sit back, play some trivia and eat my subway sub for dinner?

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