BB15 Updates "McRanda sex cont." 3:30-4:00 AM BBT Thursday 7-18-13

BB15 Updates "McRanda sex cont." 3:30-4:00 AM BBT Thursday  7-18-13

Photo Booth Room: Amanda is doing impressions of all of McCrae’s hairstyles so far in the season.


Amanda definitely had a little to much to drink tonight. They are back to kissing. Then they are back to doing it. Their relationship has definitely developed further than I thought it would have.

HOH Bedroom: Elissa and Helen are tossing and turning.

Graphics Room: Howard is snoring up a storm in there.

McCrae and Amanda leave the Photo Booth Room and they go to sit outside for a little bit. They have moved the kissing situation to the outside couch. After that strangeness ends Amanda heads to the kitchen to brush her teeth.

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