Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 15 Updates, McManda have sex 3:00 am BBT Thursday 7-18-13

Lounge: They have moved back under the covers and makeout session has resumed, Amanda is once again on top, straddling him with a lot of movement (OMG, please - feels like I'm being held hostage and forced to witness this!) And they are doing the wild thing once again... BB zooms in to ensure we are aware of what is happening. Amanda is moaning, both are breathing hard and kissing. Takes them a little longer to recover this time... McCrea is grinning, Amanda is sighing. She says do you feel used? He says yes. He pulls her undies back up. BB shows us her black bikini undies. The camera begins humming and moving around. She says I needed that. He laughs. She says you fine? You jealous? He nods and smiles. She says what. He says later, obstructs his mic and whispers. She says whoo, go me. I'm in shock right now. He says I'm tired. She says as soon as I'm finished, I'm not like (pretends to be breathing heavy), I'm done, I'm done! McCrea says stop saying things. He yawns.

Amanda asks about going to Seaworld as she rubs his chest and stares into his eyes... (even tho they are closed...) She says did you like the show. He says awesome. She says you didn't want to? He points at the cameras. He says that is the problem, you don't realize. Amanda says will they like that or not. He says divided. She says do you think they will like it that I acted like I didn't know the cameras were there. McCrea says Lydia didn't have a good reputation after doing it with Jessie in the HOH. McCrae says your ecoli story? Amanda says I think she references things that are only on TV


McCrea says who knows what they put on the show for Aaryn as well


She says no filter. Amanda says I don't have a filter. Overall I'm a good person, she is a mean person. There is no reason not to like me. She says because you love me. He nods. Now talking about making little Olsens... no Z's anymore. She says being in high school was a nightmare, always last called. She sings


They continue their talking. She examines his nipple, then examines her own. Finished, she returns to his side and asks his highlight of the day. He says oh, probably that. She says besides that. McCrea talking to GM about Kristen because she said she met her before. Amanda says you mean I wasn't the highlight with me being all dressed up. He says yes, you were. Talking about the talk show and how fun it was.

Amanda squeezes his cheeks and says I love this face. Him gonna be 24 on Sunday, what you want for your birthday big boy... She says skinny dip in the hot tub when everyone is sleeping. He nods. She says just me and you naked in the hot tub. He smiles. She says you said nothing, but you thinking something. Sexy scruffy, I like it. You are so sexy. So sexy. McCrea says I'm not. She says yes you are, are you crazy. Kissing resumes as she whispers again, you are so sexy. Lots of slurpy kisses... She says I'm oozing... More slurpy kisses. (ok, I can't watch this) She says I'm bursting at the seams, you know that?

{sidebar id=8}Amanda says oh my god I'm so hungry. I'm starving. She says if I wasn't a have not we would have bacon and eggs.... and sausage... Back under the covers they go...

Amanda gets up, and puts on his hat. He talks about her belly button piercing. She is off camera, sounds like she is hamming it up for BB... McCrae says is that how I walk. Amanda takes his shirt and stands facing him in the room. Says Julie will ask him questions. She plays to the camera, then hides and peeks at the camera. And says shhh... yuck yuck...


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