Wednesday March 29, 2017

BB15 Updatess "Help save me from McRanda" 4:30-5:00 AM BBT Wednesday 7-17-13

Photo Booth Room: Amanda is trying to convince McCrae that they are fine and nothing can go wrong. Kissing..... Amanda says to not worry about something you can’t control. Amanda says that either Howard or Spencer will be going next week. Kissing....

While the love fest is occurring everyone is sleeping dreaming about BB in their head.  

I fell as though I can’t write anymore without causing you guys the readers to gag in disgustment. So I will wait for them to stop.

{sidebar id=8}Still kissing it up.....

It is now reaching the wild stage. Amanda comments how he has gotten to be a much better kisser from the last few times. This relationship is now the only one that will not have lost a part of it. They express their love for each other some more. Continued Kissing....

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