Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 15 Updates: Sunday evening with the Housguests 6:00 pm BBT Sun 7.14.13
We come back from the BRB FISH.

Judd and McCrae in the HN room. They are both talking about who to put up. They both agree Howard has to go. Also GM. Crae says we have to lay low. Crae thinks Helen, Elissa, Howard, Spencer and Candice are in a alliance (I didn’t hear them say Andy) Crae adds that he is tight with Amanda (well duh!). they break up.

Aaryn and Amanda are in the graphics roo joking around. Aaryn leaves with her bb bag full, goes to the washer to wash her clothes. All the camera are on A at the washer and J&K in the hammock. Jeremy says I am not as cocky as I could be. Kait says, you aren’t that arrogant. . Thankfully the other cameras go to the kitchen and we go with. GM talking with Elissa and McCrae. . Amanda & Judd walk in. Amanda goes outside with Crae. We have the BRB making their 150,000th appearance.

We comeback to the same convo. GM going on and on about her life history. The other camera go to J&K playing pool. A lot of FISH.

HOH room with Spence, And,, Helen. Judd has joined them. Andy says she trust you more than Howard right now. Talk of who she would would put up (I think arryn, but could be kait). They think she would put up Howie, Jessie because she flipped on them. Now talk about jury. Judd brings up the year they let America vote one year . Must have been aaryn before, they are talking about who kait would put up. Judd think he would go up. Andy says probably me too. They think he odds are they could win hoh. Helen brings up that the tv doesn’t show how we become friends. Talk of now that Jeremy is being shut down, HGs are coming out more and talking. Andy says I don’t want to be the person that sends her out. Judd says he is so sick of hearing about nick and her. Talk of how N&GM lives so close they can see each other all the time. Spence says, maybe they will get their own spin off show. Now talking and laughing about GM and what she is doing ( doesn’t sound mean so I didn’t call it bashing).

Elissa and Amanda come in. They ask to use her shower and tweezers. They bring up what Jeremy did .

Candice stops by or a minute then leaves.   just misc convo.

Candice in a small world. Just sitting there. And then she turns to him and says everyone is in hoh room talking. He is says ok. Tells him about a contest they are going to have. He says ok. She mentions that is all he is saying is ok. We go to the quad.

Hoh room talking to what Jeremy did to Howie. Then on to hoh food. Helen says they are welcome to it. Then on to slop…

{sidebar id=8}Howard asks her what time it is. she tells him. gives him a hug. She leaves. OR on the other bed, not sure cant see the other bed. he doesn’t move. Aaryn comes in looking for something. Leaves.

Went to the outside where we quickly get the BRB FISH. We come back and all cameras outside.

Nothing going here. And we get FISH….Maybe its their way of telling me its the bottome of the hour and I need to start a new post. And to post this one… They went to fish at the top of the hour also….hmmm..maybe ( I did forget for a minute to post the 5pm one)

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