Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 15 Updates, Fake MVP Covers his Tracks 12:30 am BBT Saturday 7-13-13

HOH: Amanda has returned. Helen still defending herself about not having time to talk to Spencer first. Amanda is worried that Jeremy will win veto. Elissa says he won't be playing veto. Elissa says Amanda if you had told me about Howard, I would have done it. I'm the only one in the house that isn't told anything. Amanda says don't play the victim card when we worked so hard to keep you. Elissa says you guys talked all day and I hear about it an hour before. Elissa and Amanda going in circles. Judd says goodnight and walks out the door, after trying to tell them both goodnight... They ignore him (not smart)

Elissa says I don't want you guys to think I'm not loyal. Amanda says I understand, I thought Howard was going up initially. Elissa goes for water. Amanda says why do you guys keep saying production doesn't want you to get rid of Howard


Helen says I think she trust Howard even though he voted against her. I haven't had five minutes with her today. She does not trust Spencer and trusts Howard more. Amanda says that

Lounge: Judd is talking with McCrae. He says it is anybody's game at this point. McCrae says I told I'd keep him safe this week, if he keeps me safe. He says I told him the only way I can promise you is swear on your bible. He did, saw it with my own eyes. You can't tell anyone. He says don't say anything. Judd says he won't. McCreae goes to the kitchen where Gina is at the counter. Elissa asks to talk to McCrae. They go into the lounge. She apologizes to him. McCrea says you have a deal with him don't you. Elissa says I swear to god...

Feeds to the HOH: Amanda says the only ones f*d in this is me and McCrea. She said she didn't know what we wanted after talking an hour. That is BS, something is up. Helen says I haven't talked to her all day. They discuss her having a possible deal with Howard.

Lounge: Elissa says just make a deal with him. I just feel that if Jeremy is the target... McCrea says we'll clue you in on more stuff in the future. Elissa says I'm not a frigging idiot, I would rather be out of the game than someones play toy. McCrea says it is all going to work out, it is not that bad. If Spencer should win, Jeremy has to go up and that will make me the target. I'm the fake MVP and I want Jeremy out! Elissa says I feel like you guys are working with Jeremy. McCrae says oh no no no! Someone that wipes his ass with a hat is not someone I would ever work with, that was so disrespectful. McCrae says he understands that Amanda was pushing too hard and should not have.

McCrea says I'm willing to take bullets for you and willing to play with you. Elissa says I don't think Jeremy will play, it's not his week. McCrea says he'll play, that the way BB gods work.

{sidebar id=8}Judd asks McCrae to tell Gina what Nick is. McCrae says a profession roller skater. Gina says what?!? Helen says he went to Yale and didn't graduate.

Helen asks Gina to come upstairs. They walk to the HOH together. Helen says you didn't hear this from me. Don't say anything. I didn't know until after HN. Nick, Jeremy, Spencer, McCrea and Howard were in an alliance called the Moving Company. Nick was the mastermind and they would meet every night after everyone else went to bed. Gina says he always got up in the middle of the night to go pee. Helen says Amanda just found out yesterday and McCrea told me today. Gina says then they all voted him out. Helen says yes. The moving company has now dismantled.


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