Big Brother 15 Updates, BB Zings Amanda 11:30 pm Sunday 7-7-13
Backyard:  Amanda continues to amuse the men with her bare breasts.  Jessie decides to get involved and does a breast shaking dance.  (This lis worse than Season 9's nasty crew...)  BB says Amanda, please attach your microphone to your shirt.... Zing!

Kitchen:  Andy doing dishes, hears BB say ZING, runs to see what happened.  Amanda sits down for a smoke.  Andy returns to the kitchen.  Jeremy walks through hoping for another bottle of wine.  Jessie comes in and says she is going to bed.  Jeremy says that was hilarious, they zinged her.    

HOH:  Jeremy and Kaitlin having a make out session.  Kaitlin says I can't believe she is walking around like that on national television...

{sidebar id=8}Kitchen:  Elissa having a slop snack.  Howard says he has to be back on a diet tomorrow.  Says he stays up late so that he is tired and can nap during the day.  Says about every three days, people feel the sleep depravation and need to sleep.  Helen says in 36 hours we get to eat again.  Elissa says I wish Zingbot would come and zing us.

Balcony:  Elissa and Helen sit down for some chess.

HOH:  Aaryn talking with Kaitlin and Jeremy.  He says I haven't got a buzz.  Kaitlin says I can't get wild on national television.  Aaryn says you have already been wild on television.  Aaryn leaves.  Later, Amanda pops in, say whooo and goes back downstairs.  McCrae says I'm asexual so it doesn't bother me.  Aaryl says me too.  They talk about no more alcohol tonight.  Aaryn repeats BB's zing.

Kitchen:  Spencer having a snack. He goes outside.  Elissa comes in, takes a look at the mess and walks toward the bathroom .

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