Friday March 24, 2017

Big Brother 15 Updates "McCrea Tells Amanda Like It Is" 3:00 PM BBT, Sunday, 7-07-13

McCrea tells Amanda that their secured vote is done and he knows that if Spencer is going back and forth he will be their (Jeremy's) vote every time.  McCrea tells her that HE KNOWS that it is over and they won't have the votes. (Of course he does, he is MC)  Amanda says that she is safe, so talk about it tomorrow and have a great day.  McCrea says that the best thing she can do is to follow Spencer and keep him off her radar because he wants her in this game forever.  He says that they are in the best position right now.  No talking to Howard and Jeremy either.  No talking to Helen today. He encourages her to get in with Aaryn and Kaitlyn if she needs someone to talk to.  McCrea says that the best thing to say is that you won't do anything unless McCrea gives her the okay.  She says that she doesn't want him to say that outloud to anyone.  McCrea says that instead of going after the other side, let's just play out the week and see how it goes.  Now she asks, "Can I go have coffee and a cigarette?"  He lets her go.

Nick and GM are dressing in their veto costumes for a picture.  She has on a baby hat and he has on an orange baby suit and they laugh and tell him to put the diaper on.  

McCrea takes Amanda out on the porch for a cigarette and McCrea wishes for shade to hit the hammock and she wants to take a dip and then lay in the hammock in the sun.

{sidebar id=8} By the pool, Helen, Jessie, Spencer and Howard are discussing pension plans and careers.  Spencer says that he hates to say  that Ch* you are black, but you are a minority and Helen interrupts to say that it is diversity.  She says that she is a minority and she uses that being Asian and a female to her advantage.  Spencer says that he got his job when he was told no and then there was a lotus note to the chairman of the railroad and he got the time off by having a lotus note go to the executive so he got permission to go on the show.  Manpower is their thing and the lower manpower gets nothing and his terminal is going to hire 350-500 people in the next year.  Spencer says that Abe Lincoln's son helped create Union Pacific and he knew that to keep our country strong we needed to ship across the country to grow.  Spencer says that because of coal, there are towns about 8-10 miles for coal stop.  He says everything you have, even the ink on your skin was at one point on the railroads, even the bikini bottoms and it is so involved in everyone's lives, but you don't think about it.

There are no groups in the world that want to stop freight trains, but some groups want to robotize them.  He has a license to drive a train and that person in the train is the engineer, but he does it on the switches in the yards. He is a conductor.

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