Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 15 Updates: Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn   5:00 pm BBT Tues 7.16.13
Bathroom with Jeremy, Kaitlyn. Aaryn in the showerKait says she needs a timer. Ok, Jeremy says why do you need a timer when I have a brain GM walks in. General convo, Thinks of being a teenager in the basement of one of their parents house and that is pretty much the conversation we are having here. And sprinkle in a whole lot of profanity. Talk of how long Aaryn takes in the shower. Buildup of water because of it, she states its not my problem.

GinaMarie goes up to the hoh and tells them of the long shower by Aaryn and the water went all the way to the iron board. Which some how moves the convo to hair, then gray hair. (or is it grey hair?)

Misc convo. Judd leaves. Amanda apologizes for not coming up for the nail party. I missed it, but we segwayed to feet and shoes. Appears Helen and Andy had to buy flip flops here, they never where opens shoes where they are from. Then convo to Candice calls everyone boo. They love, which goes to her having a perfect lips and mouth. Then to modeling.. which moves to zoolander.

Andy is down in the bathroom with the mean girls. He is telling them, hell yes, you can redeem yourself. Kaitlyn tells him that they heard she has forgiven the 2 guys and are safe. He is trying to cover, no way, she forgives, but don’t forget. He is telling him they are not his target. Kait and Andy go to the kitchen to get some pizza that Jeremy has cooked. (imo they eat way way to much pizza in that house, that much frozen pizza cant not be good for you, and as I type this I think, who eats a lot of pizza, teenagers) Andy doesn’t want to go upstairs and eat the pizza in front of the HNs. He eats downstairs.

Andy says the backyard is open. They think he is lying… we hear the slider.

OK,I am on this..this time….LOCKDOWN IS OVER.

HOH room. Helen and McCrae talking about past comps. Andy Joins them. Then Spencer joins a few minutes later. Talk of throwing comps. they all says they never would. Andy asks spencer why he thru the painting comp? Spence says F U. They all laugh. Helen wants the zingbot painting.

Mean ones are still in the bathroom. J&K are on the couch. Aaryn doing her hair.

Have to say these HGs are very dull and boring tonight.

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