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Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas: Chatting With Kirsten and Seth

marriage-boot-camp-bridezillasMarriage Boot Camp Bridezillas
Chatting With Kirsten and Seth

Kirsten and Seth were featured on Bridezillas  and quickly became one of the show's most unforgettable couples.  Everyone was curious when it was announced that they would be featured in Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas. Now, in an exclusive interview with TVGrapevine, I found out that there is much more to this couple than meets the eye. By the end of the interview, I felt as if I had a very special and unique bond with them.  (Out of respect for the couple, I will not go into specifics, but I will say that we have faced some similar obstacles in our lives.)

Below are some of the highlights of our chat:

1. They are both involved in the arts. Kirsten teaches voice, acting, dance and musical theatre, while Seth is a photographer and filmmaker. In fact, they met when he was working on a film project. She says this is her passion and she loves working with the kids.

 At the time of our interview, they were preparing to put on Willy Wonka with their church group. Although Seth isn't into the musical aspect of it, he loved working with the kids and helping build the set.

2. Kirsten's next goal is to write a blog for parents with special needs children. As a mom to Karson Stella, she feels that she can relate to people who are going through some of the same experiences she has faced. She hopes that her positive attitude will help others and that people will see her in a different light.

3. They are both very close with some of their fellow boot camp castrates, especially Portia, Remy and Seth. In fact, they recently had Remy and Rob over for dinner, where they got to spend time with Karson Stella. Kirsten says that Karson immediately bonded with them and Rob spent a better part of the meal with her on his lap. She also adored Remy, calling her Lala, which is what she calls the Disney Princesses.

Although she is not as close to some of the other castmates, she has nothing but good things to say about everyone. She especially thinks that Danni will be a great role model with a successful career.

4. They originally went on the show because they saw it as a great opportunity to see their marriage grow and restructure after the baby and to get things together.  Despite all the fighting and becoming one of the most hated couples in the house, it ironically brought them closer together and helped them become a team again.

5. Kirsten is very positive and sweet. (In fact, Seth calls her a Disney character.) She says that despite what people may think of her, she tries to see the best in others and live life with a smile. She adds that a lot of emotion and crying that we see on TV is due to her letting her walls down after having to be strong for the sake of her daughter.

The most important lesson I learned from Kirsten and Seth is that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover or by how they are perceived on a reality show. Both of them have faced many obstacles and are some of the strongest, most inspiring people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you for reminding me of this lesson and thank you for talking to TVGrapevine.

Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas airs its season finale tonight at 9pm, only on WE.

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