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Tonight on Survivor Worlds Apart Mike's plan failed when Shirin was voted out, but the tribe is in disarray after the votes. With Dan and Tyler's votes questioned, Dan denies that he voted for Tyler and says that he voted for Shirin.  Mike finds the fallout interesting to watch since he has outed himself and everyone knows that he has an immunity idol.

Tyler admits that he put down Dan's name since he was at risk, and Dan says that it was fine when the six meet to discuss everything that went down at the Tribal Council. Dan has reason for pause when he realizes that he had two votes, and even though he knows that Mike is the target, he also knows that with Mike's immunity idol, he is at serious risk.  Tyler also realizes that he doesn't have too many passes left, and realizes that Dan sees himself as on the bottom of the alliance.  He is counting on Dan's loyalty and thinks that loyalty and stupidity may be interchangeable in the game of Survivor.

Rodney has a birthday and he hopes for a reward that gets him off the beach for the afternoon.  When the tribe gets tree mail, Rodney is happy, especially when he reads that the tree mail tells them that they will get a reward that will satisfy the soul as well as the belly. Rodney is hoping that the tribe will be sure to include him in any reward won.


Jeff calls the survivors for a reward challenge.  They will be divided into two teams of three that will unspool ribbons that will give them a key.  Then they will create a ladder with planks and travel through a net sling that will give them a bag of balls. Mike, Sierra, and Carolyn are against Rodney, Dan, and Tyler.  Mike's crew gets ahead when Tyler's crew forgets the bag of balls as they maneuvered through the netting. Mike's red crew gets well ahead, but blue works to catch up and pulls ahead.  Mike works to catch up and won't let Sierra catapault the balls into the baskets. His plan works though, and Mike, Sierra, and Carolyn win reward.  Will had to sit out.

The reward is to be ambassadors and deliver much needed supplies to a group of needy children.  The reward will include a dinner of chicken and steak, as well as a reward of the spirit in delivering school supplies and bikes to the children. Rodney feels that this birthday has gone from the best day ever to the worst.  Mike says that he loves Rodney, but he needs some food as well. Carolyn and Sierra don't want to miss out on the once in a lifetime experience, and Rodney says that it is a cutthroat game when people don't reccognize that it is your birthday and also that he has not been off the beach since the game started, having been shut out of the reward wins. Rodney says that they have turned him into the psychotic that he is becoming.

Mike is excited to be an ambassador for Survivor Worlds Apart and he says that seeing the faces of the boys and girls filled him up inside. He passes out bikes and soccer balls and joins into the games. He finds the orphans delightful and Sierra tells the children about her horses and how she is a cowboy. They enjoy steak, chicken, soda, and fruit. The trio speaks of Rodney and Sierra and Carolyn discuss talking with Mike about joining forces. Sierra sees that the six are going to have to vote each other out now.

Rodney is miserable washing dishes and says that there is nothing here, no coconut or fruit and says that they are scumbags and not family.  Rodney says that neither Carolyn or Sierra will go to the end after this.  Tyler and Dan discuss how things are not looking good for Rodney with his behavior. Rodney comes to Will, Tyler, and Dan and lets his temper flair.  He says that he wants to set up the ultimate blindside and let everyone think that he his going to check out, keep Mike from using his idol, and then take Mike out. Tyler says that they watch Rodney kick things and stomp around and Tyler thinks that this plan will not work.  Mike will use his idol and since Mike wants Tyler out, he will be the one to go. Rodney insists the plan will work with him giving a speech about checking out that will lull Mike into a false sense of security.

Rodney is still mad, and he starts to carry out his plan to blindside. He tells Carolyn that she tells him he is like a son to him and then she doesn't give up her reward to her son?  He says that he wants to go home.  Mike sees right through the plan and says that Rodney is trying to blindside him and he isn't falling for it.  Will says that with Mike's immunity idol they are back to square one.  

Tyler asks Carolyn if she would be willing to play her white collar idol for him and tells her to take it to tribal councils now.

May6 Survivor comp2

Jeff calls the tribe to the challenge and today they will do a traditional challenge that has them holding onto a rope and leaning back towards the water. At points they must let the rope out to farther knots. Tyler is immediately in jeopardy and Dan feels it in his hands. He says that the cuts and bug bites and his fat is getting to him.  Will is the first out of the challenge. Dan goes second. Rodney struggles, and Carolyn says she is strong. Sierra is third out and Rodneyh follows her.  Carolyn, Tyler, and Mike are in it. Mike looks strong and Tyler is in pain. When they must shift to the next knot, Mike falls in the transition and it is down to Carolyn and Tyler. Tyler drops out and Carolyn wins individual immunity for the second time in a row.

Dan says that the good news is that Mike must play his idol. The bad news is that there is a lot of talk about his advantage, and he got two votes last time. He feels he is in danger.

Carolyn feels that this is an opportunity to make the right move. Dan feels that this is a scary night. Carolyn says that the girls should vote out Tyler and the guys vote out Mike. Mike will play his idol and they will get rid of his advantage. Tyler gets with Will and says that Dan has an advantage in the voting and that makes him a huge threat, so his plan is to throw four votes to Mike and the others to Dan to get rid of his advantage. Mike tells Carolyn that he is gunning for Tyler and that he is going to get four votes himself. Tyler speaks to Carolyn and tells her that he wants her to get four votes to Mike and the rest to Dan. It will eliminate a huge threat. Carolyn tells us that she is close to Tyler and has been since the beginning.

Haley, Joe, and Shirin are jury and join the tribal council. Mike tells Jeff that he has his idol and will play it tonight.  He says that he has the fireworks, popcorn, and Pepsi out and is ready for the fun. Dan says that he knows who voted for him and he is greatly concerned. Tyler says that he wasn't scrambling, but he did take a moment to touch base with the voters.

Mike says that he hopes the advantage is worth four hundred eighty bucks. Carolyn says that an advantage is a threat. Dan says that every single person has approached him and knowing that he has an advantage is a threat. Sierra says that she is keeping every option opened. Tyler says that everyone is starting to think of the five, four, three, arena and people are thinking about who they will go the finals with.  Tyler says that he will be surprised if he is voted out.

Tyler BanishedThe votes:
Mike plays his hidden immunity idol and for himself.
Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Tyler, Tyler.  Tyler is voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart and is the fifth member of the jury. Jeff says that the one thing that is the most concerning is that everyone wants to take the weakest to the end.  He sends them back to camp.

Jeff makes a special announcement about the next season and tells us that we are going to get to vote to select from a group of former players who production feels deserve another shot at the game of Survivor. We can vote at the cbs website.

Next week on Survivor: Worlds Apart
When the alliance realizes that they are going to have to turn on each other, Mike takes the opportunity to find some allies.

Tyler speaks:
Tyler says that his plan did not work, but he has no regrets in any moment in the game.

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