Friday March 24, 2017
"Backyard Chatter"

10:00PM - Hi everyone. i just turned the viewer on, and the 2 views we have are of the back yard. yes the back yard is finally back open.  Vanessa and Steve were talking about Steve has at least 8 days left in here, JM is here, and the twins just came out here, Austin they say are in the Diary Room. The twins, especially Julia is obsessesed with Jesse who came in an handed Austin the Veto necklace.  She thinks his muscles are perfect. he is the perfect man for her. 

 They are  trying to think of what comp might be next, they say todays was from season 15, and they seem to have alot in common with that season according to Steve and Julia. They are talking about hitting the pins, and spinning.

They are saying the pool is green It is almost all just idle chit chat, i dont know what has gone on in the past few hours betweeen Liz and Austin, I will let you know what i see when he gets out of the DR.

This is probably the most relaxed (if you can call it that) I have seen steve in weeks. THey keep smelling BBQ, I was wondering yesterday why they havent gotten the BBq outside. Chit chat about past seasons, this is one of Steve's favorites things to do is talk about which people were on which seasons, and what they did each season. 

This small group now are finding it an odd thing for them to be such a small group. Steve and Vanessa are already yawning. They are also talking about Amanda and McCrae, and this is the same comp that split those two up (mcCrae won the veto, amanda went home). Interesting; they are kind of talking about bullies, steve is  telling them how meanspirited Amanda is, Vanessa is laughing now about how she backdoored Jason and how she got out Jackie. She chuckles and says she has glad she has friends on the outside. 

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