Wednesday March 29, 2017
"Time to Pack"

10:00PM- Hi everyone, tonight, we have the following exciting views and news (not really  they are playing chess!):

Skywalk: I see 5 people up here, Vanessa, John, twins, and Austin .. no steve yet

Bathroom: James and Meg just idle chat at the moment, they are just hanging out on the bench, it almost looks like they are just waiting for people to wander down but i dont know, I usually see them in the HN room dental chairs. 

Skywalk, Julia says she has to finish packing, the girls leave the chess game of austin and John. 

Lounge: Meg pulls Steve in to the lounge, tells him her and him(steve) both have been on the block. She is going to plea her case to him, she thinks they could make some big changes now. Meg is telling him that he needs to make sure he has people to back him, Just like Julia earlier, this was a short LAME plea, campaign etc to stay from Meg to Steve. she actually says the words, she is asking for her vote. He asks how she is doing, she says fine, shes ok with leaving just not the circumstances this week. He gets up says thanks for talking to him, asks for a hug and they leave.   

Purple Room: Julia is so mad she is on the block she says she is so over it she wants to go home, Liz says no you dont. Julia says she still has things to pack. they are trashing Steve because steve was making a  rude comment while Julia was in the bathroom, julia says she cant even take a shower because they are in there. Meg comes in and interupts the conversation because she is still looking for stuff of hers to pack.  Julia packs a few more things.  Julia wants her 'butter' sign but cant find it. 

Skywalk: John and Austin still playing their game of chess. 

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