Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 17 Updates "JMac Agrees-Put Austin/Liz Up" 2:00 am BBT, Friday 9/4/15 #BB17 #BBLF

Purple room: Liz and Julia. Julia worried says Austin would protect Liz, but would definitely throw her (Julia) under the bus. She tells Liz she didn't like it that Vanessa and Austin were whispering... Julia says if he doesn't put Austin up instead of one of us... at least as a pawn... because Austin put him up... then that's f*ed up!!

Bathroom: Austin telling Vanessa that if they are both on the block (twins), his vote doesn't matter, it will be up to her and Johnny Mac who goes. Tells her that he can control them next week - hopes that JMac goes up... says he would vote him out. Vanessa says he is not putting JMac up, forget about that. Austin says should we have kept James and not JMac? Vanessa says no, James couldn't be trusted. Vanessa says if the girls are up, and you win veto and don't use it, I will guarantee I won't vote out Liz. Austin says okay... yeah... Vanessa says again we will ensure that Liz stays. Austin says as long as we can get JMac to be sure on that, we're good. Vanessa reassures him.

Purple room: Julia says he (Austin) told her both of them were going up... f* him! Liz says you have to tell Steve that Vanessa was about to put you up and you volunteered to keep him off the block. Julia says I don't think he would put me up, I was up last week and I haven't won any competitions... so that's my argument. Liz says and tell him I was HOH 3 times and never put you up. Julia talking about how sad it is that Steve has a crush on her... and he won't want to piss me off and then get evicted... We comforted him when he was crying after his last HOH... I just don't think he would put up John... I pray to god he wouldn't put up me and you... (who's left ya ditz?) Liz whining about Austin and Vanessa still talking... Julia says I don't trust him... he is looking out for you, but I'm on my own... says he has been doing everything for us, but no, he hasn't! Liz whining about being tired and Steve's DR is taking too long. Julia says I love Vanessa... but it's like... if he won't put up Johnny Mac, it has to be her! Talking about him calling her a phony. Julia whining about how nervous and crying she was last week and can't see why he wouldn't put up John and Vanessa or Austin... (I can't follow their conversation... they are all over the place...) Julia thinks that Vanessa and Austin are trying to convince Steve to put her up... says she doesn't trust him even if he is your boyfriend. She storms away and into the Comics room.

Liz retrieves Austin from the bathroom and they head to bed to snuggle. She whines about him whispering with Vanessa. (BB calls Austin out for obstruction of the mic). Austin says he won't promise me safety either... I told her that... unless you guys convince him of something else... but from my conversation, he has promised JMac and her safety... trying to get a dig on that but she didn't say anything. If that is the case and you guys can't convince him.. I'll talk again tomorrow... if not we have to win veto, otherwise one of us will go.

Comics room: Vanessa in bed. JMac sleeping. Julia sleeping...

Cameras move to the DR Door... must be time... The door opens and a beaming Steve yells out who wants to see my HOH room... All rise from the dead with a whoo hoo!!!  They form a conga line to follow Steve upstairs. JMac says I can not wait to see what is in this room! Steve tries and finally the door opens. Julia and Liz screaming while looking at pictures. Steve explains each picture to them. Vanessa says he looks like his mom. Steve opens his letter - they yell at him to read it as they begin eating from his HOH basket. Julia takes a seat at the table and goes through the basket while Steve is reading... (Steve got a bottle of wine - bet we know who will drink that... ) Twins fighting over Steve's teddy bear, CoCo.

Steve looks through his basket says thank you Big Brother. Liz and Julia saying thank you mommy and daddy... Julia and Liz want to talk to Steve. He asks if he can at least have a minute... They all leave. (LOL, he makes sure they didn't take his wine!) He puts on the headphones and looks happier than I've seen this season.

Purple room: Liz says are you going to talk to him tonight. Austin says no, he is tired, too tired.  They flip out the lights and get into bed... Austin says if we win veto, we're both good... it's the only way. You have to pretend I've said nothing to you, don't want him to think I broke his confidence. You have to sell it to him not to put you up and why he should put someone else up.

Comics room: Vanessa in bed eating a bag of chips. No sign of JMac or Julia.

HOH: JMac and Steve (no audio!!). Steve says I said that several times... I have no idea, they should have! JMac says I threw you and Vanessa under the bus and told them I wouldn't put them up... I wanted to backstab someone (I'm grinning!) They discuss Julia being the weakest, so they will put up Austin and Liz, Julia will be the replacement nom if veto is used. One will go home. Steve says do you agree we do that. Johnny says only problem, if one twin leaves this week, I've seen a lot of potential for Austin and Vanessa working together... if they already aren't... (BB needs to turn the sound up - I'm maxed out!)  JMac says it is whaever you want to do but I feel the best thing is Austin and Liz up... and the twins know they are not our target because they get to play next week. 

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