Thursday March 23, 2017

Hello, and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. Tonight, our top five will complete a mystery box challenge, followed by an elimination challenge. The biggest challenge for the initial one is that they only have one ingredient to create a dish around.

Let the games begin! Everyone is in a rush to make it work, while the judges watch, make comments and figure out who will do what. 

Ohhh, Claudia has the hots for Chef Ramsay!!!!! She’s even dreaming about him….ohhhhhhh!!!! Then Stephen teases them and Chef Ramsay slaps his leg. 

The top three dishes are Stephen’s mushroom sandwich five ways, Derrick’s herbed pretzel with bleu cheese dipping sauce and Claudia’s tomato neapolitan. 

The winner is Claudia, who now has an advantage in the kitchen. She is also safe from elimination and in the top four. She now must pick twenty of her favorite ingredients for one person to use in the next challenge. One person will get that one.

There is also something else! Former winners Courtney, Luca and Christina are on hand to help out. It is amazing to see how much they accomplished. Christina winning the Helen Keller award brings tears to my eyes.  They also each have a basket for the remaining contestants.

Nick gets Claudia’s.

Katrina gets Luca’s. 

Stephen gets Christina’s.

Derrick gets Courtney’s. 

They have an hour to cook and make a fabulous dish. There is a lot of pressure and people start losing their cool. Nick is struggling the most, but looks up and sees the chefs and gets inspired. 

Derrick’s chocolate dessert is a bit heavy and a cop out—good but safe. 

Nick’s chorizo mushrooms is a hit.

Stephen’s Asian dish good, but a little hard to eat.

Katrina’s veal scampallini is raw. 

Why are they playing what sounds like a remixed Imperial March? 

Nick is the winner and declared safe, as is Stephen. 

This leaves Derrick and Katrina in the bottom two. The cook going home is….Katrina! Awww, he held her and let her cry! 

Chef Ramsay even invites her to France as his guest to have he experience of a lifetime, or becoming the next Julia Child. (or so it seems!) She thinks Nick will win. 

I am going to miss her, she is just so relatable and sweet! 

Join us next week to see who makes it into the semi-finals!

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