Hello, and welcome to Hell’s Kitchen on Fox. Last week, the girls lost teammate Chrissa after their disastrous dinner service. With 17 chefs left, anything can happen! Let’s see what they and Chef Gordon Ramsay have in store for us tonight.

Before we get to any cooking though, Josh acts like he is The Bachelor by hitting on the ladies. Does he realize what show he is on? Or maybe we can collaborate and have Chris Harrison and Chef Gordon Ramsay do a cooking love connection show.

The next morning, the chefs get their next challenge. They have to catch crabs and then cook with them. Each team must get 20 and the first to do so will get a head start in the second part of the challenge. 

The blue team wins and have a 30 second head start. They need to make ten perfect plates of crab cakes from scratch. My sister makes the BEST crab cakes ever….and now I want them. 

Everyone breaks up into teams to cook and it goes by pretty fast. Each team cooks and shows Chef Ramsay their results as they finish each plate. The ladies are in the lead and the men are getting frustrated. 

Despite the head start, the men lose and are very upset over that turn of events.The ladies win a prize to Scottsdale, Arizona for horseback riding,  while the men have to clean shrimp. 

Cameron and Josh keep fighting. It actually seems as if Cameron is an outcast. He gets upset about the behavior and leaves.  He thinks he is the best chef and people can’t handle it. Okay, then!

Now it is time to prepare for the next dinner service. The girls wonder if Mieka can pull it off because she is their weakest link. 

The teams rush to get everything together, which of course leads to disasters. Chef Ramsay helps Cameron regroup when he screws up. He keeps struggling and in turn, pissing off his team. It gets so bad that Chef Ramsay chews them all out and tells them to get their stuff together. They realize this is real and they vow to get it together. 

On the girls team, Mieka finally gets her dish done, but is soon overwhelmed again. Her team and Chef Ramsay are annoyed because she is behind on their garnish. It is then their turn to get yelled out. 

There is stress, yelling and problems on both teams. I can’t keep up with all the yelling, but know that seeing Chef Ramsay that angry is never a good thing. 

The guys’ fish comes out bad, worrying Brendan, who is afraid he is the one going home. He is even sent into what I think is Hell’s Kitchen Time Out, along with everyone else on the team. Chef Ramsay and James (who is there to help, I guess, I missed his intro) have to finish and serve everything.

The girls finish their work and then it is time to find out who won the competition. The girls win, which mean the guys have to put two people on the chopping block. This causes more fights and I am over it at this point. 

Cameron and Michael are the ones who are on the chopping block. Cameron admits he got intimidated by Chef Ramsay and crumbled, while Michael promised not to make the same mistake again.

Cameron is sent home. Chef Ramsay says he spoke utter nonsense tonight. Cameron says he isn’t as smart as he thought and buckled under pressure. 

Join us next week for more Hell’s Kitchen! Goodnight!

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