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bbcanadaBig Brother Canada
The Finale
May 2, 2013


By Vic2rea

Can not believe it is time for the Season 1 Finale of Big Brother Canada!  The season seems to have just flown by.  It was fun, fresh, full of twists and very well produced.  Now let's get to the show.  Good luck to your favorite!

We have a long look back of all the different house guests having fun, competitions, disqualifications, twists and budding shomances in the Big Brother house.  Then Arisa welcomes us to finale night with a packed audience - you can feel the excitement!  We go inside the house to say hello to the final three.  They are asked their favorite moments of the season.  Jillian says when she wins competitions -  maybe the chicken one.  Emmett says his favorite moment was when he beat Jillian in the endurance challenge.  Gary says it was when Canada voted him back in the house.  They talk about how it feels to possibly have the bragging rights of being the first winner.

We are then whisked away to watch Part 1 of the 3 part competition.  This part is endurance. They are in a "crime scene" of all the "dead" jurors.  They have to balance on a platform while holding a pole to keep a bucket of "blood" over their heads steady.  They soon find out it is heavier than they thought.  They are all still in the game after one hour.  First bucket to spill is Jillian after 1 hour 33 minutes.  Emmett tries to distract Gary so his bucket will tip.  Three hours have passed, Gary is having trouble holding steady.  His bucket spills.  Emmett wins the endurance.  Emmett is happy that he has finally won an endurance.  Jillian is thrilled that Emmett won.  Gary is happy that he was able to stay in the challenge as long as he did.

Part 2 of the competition is physical and will feature Jillian and Gary.  Before the competition, Emmett talks to her and she whines she just wants to go home with no money and just have things return to normal.  Emmett reminds her that she is almost there.  She tells us she is lucky to have such a support system in the house.  Outside, there are circus posters featuring the jurors.  Emmett tells them this is Big Brother Big Top.  They must grab a ring, go across the monkey bars and throw the ring with a house guest's name onto a pilon in order of their HOH win.  Jillian is first up.  She is fast.  Gary is up next.  He is moving fast, but falls from the monkey bars into the ball pit for a 30 second penalty.  Gary finished four minutes faster than Jillian and wins part two.

Jillian says she is fine with it, but goes to the storage room to sulk.  Emmett goes to see where Gary's head is at.  Gary decides to tell him that if he takes Jillian, she will win, but tells us that is not true.

Time for a trip to the Jury House where the jurors are gathered around the fire pit.  Andrew says he was ousted by Emmett, but Alec asks how much he believes it wasn't Jillian.  Andrew says he was blinded by his alliance and trusted them to a fault.  Alec tells him they evicted the people that are their allies.  Enter Talla.  Topaz is so happy that Gary made final three she yells it out.   Andrew is talking about how Emmett has alliances with everyone in the house.  Alec says that people were doing all the work for Emmett.  Topaz tells them that Emmett has Gary as ally as well as Jillian.  They discuss Jillian.  Some like her some don't.  Andrew says some of them are bitter because she got them out.  Andrew whines some more about Gary getting a second chance.  Alec reminds them that he was sent in by Canada and that is winning a competition of a sort because he earned his way back in through his merits.  He also reminds them that any one of the four could have been sent back in.  Andrew sort of agrees.

Time for Part 3.  Arisa will give the strategy of former house guests prior to going in to the house.  It is true/false.

Kats was to get in the game fast and hard.  False both are correct
Danielle's was to appear to be the underdog.  False both are incorrect
Aneal's was to wrap in a blanket to look weak.  True both are correct
Tom's was he had no strategy.  True both are incorrect
Liza's was a high school approach to pit the guys against each other.  True both correct
Suzette's was to talk family for sympathy votes.  Gary says True, Emmett says False...

Gary wins the FINAL HOH!!  Arisa tells them to go to the living room immediately.  She tells Gary he must choose to evict either Emmett or Jillian.  Gary says it is tough but he came to win and decides to evict Emmett!


Emmett is greeted with a standing ovation and cheers.  He says it was a struggle from the get-go and to fight his way to final three was difficult.  Arisa tells him he played a flawless game - the crowd agrees with loud applause.  Emmett says you make your choices and when they don't work out, you can't have regrets.

Arisa brings out the jury:  AJ, Alec, Topaz, Peter, Andrew and Talla to a crowd on their feet and cheering, handing out high-fives to each of them.  They take their places on seats outside the door to the BB house.  She asks Andrew how his back is feeling after the stabbing.  He tells her it is just a game.  Arisa then asks about Topaz and Alec's showmance.  She then tells them someone just got evicted.  AJ thinks it is Gary.  Alec, Peter and Topaz hope it is Jillian.  Andrew thinks it is Gary.  Talla hopes it is Emmett.  She then tells the final member to come on out.  The jurors give Emmett a standing ovation (as does the audience).  Talla tells Emmett "you shoulda kept me" as she wags her finger at him.  Topaz yells she is just so excited that Gary is still in the house!   Andrew tells Emmett he should have stuck with him for the final three, so he doesn't feel so bad that Emmett was evicted.  (Hmmm, looks like AJ might be the swing vote...)

- AJ asks Jillian has a multiple choice - which item will you miss most in the BB house.  She says Gary's glitter.
-Alec tells Gary he looks great.  He congratulates him on making it to the end.  He asks about his struggles in real life helped him in the house.  Gary says he was bullied as a kid, so coming in the house he wanted to be himself and set an example that as you get older, life gets better.  He tells them to just graduate and get out of there - it gets better.
-Topaz tells him she loves him.  She teases him about being her true showmance.  She then asks about avoiding the target of coming back.  Gary tells her he forged an alliance for final three and they stuck to it.  He says he won a Veto and final HOH and that also helped him.
-Peter says his question is for Villian.  He tells her she is an idiot and an awful player and asks her to tell him honestly why she is in the final two.  She says she is in the final two not because of Emmett.  She says she won comps and made big moves and he should take it as a compliment that she got him out as she considered him a huge threat.
-Andrew asks Jillian about shaking hands and made a deal for final two.  He says she then evicted him, was the deal a lie and if not, why break it.  Jillian says she did not want to see him leave that night and she was not allowed to tell him.  She had to vote against him to stay in the game.  She swears she loves him.
-Talla asks Gary which alternate personality had the most impact in the house.  Gary says he loves Zoe, and Gerald gets the girls, but being himself helped him connect.
-Emmett tells Gary he robbed him of what should have been his.  He asks, bitterly, why he thinks he deserves it more than Jillian and refers to his second chance.  Gary reminds him that he wore a prison suit, ate nothing but slop since he returned and stayed up 24 hours to win Veto and he deserves to be there just as much as Jillian.  The crowd cheers, as do Alec and Topaz.

Arisa then gives them their last chance to make a plea for their votes.  Jillian says she hopes they will see that her putting them on the block is a compliment.  She says that she and Emmett were together since week 2, but she made all her own decisions.  She says she is a strong competitor and played a strong social game.
Gary says he is representing every boy, girl and boy/girl.  He says he was voted out, but was voted back in and earned his spot in the final two through winning competitions and not wasting his second chance.  He reminds kids to finish school that things do get better.

Time for the vote.  AJ says he believes someone has made a $100,000 mistake.  Alec says he is not happy the shield lost.  Alec gives Topaz gives a kiss as she makes her way to vote (aww).  She says her vote is 150 percent secure... 150 percent.  Peter says he came to prevent injustice and with his vote that is just what he is doing.  Andrew says there was blood in the game, it was a great competition but tonight he is voting with his heart.  Talla says she is voting for the person that played the opposite of her game.  Emmett says you should only have one life in the big brother game.

Arisa welcomes back the first six evicted house guests sitting on the opposite side of the stage.  She says the season was so good and it was also because of them.  We take a look back at the season's evictions.  Arisa then talks to the first six out.   She asks Tom and Liza if they are still together.  They are evasive.  She asks them to see their matching tattoos.  Liza shows her ankle, Tom's is too far up on his leg to show.  We then have another look back, this time at the funny moments (worth watching the video).   Finally, a video of secrets in the house - Marsha the Moose talking to the house guests.  Arisa then talks about Marge the Moose by the hot tub and Peter's task to convince the house that Tom was coming back.  She then reveals the secret phone call tasks and the videos of the tasks being performed.

Arisa reveals the votes:
Emmett votes Jillian
AJ votes Gary
Talla votes Jillian
Alec votes Gary
Topaz votes Jillian?  Topaz is out of her seat voicing her complaint that something is wrong.

(Topaz says no way did she vote for Jillian - Arisa says there is nothing she can do about it the rules were clear.  Topaz is very angry.  Arisa says they can not redo the vote.  She throws the show to commercial to resolve the controversy)  (Emmett can be seen in the background celebrating with his hands in the air.)

The show returns.  Arisa says they taped the vote and it will stand.

Peter votes Gary.
Andrew votes Jillian.

Jillian has won the first season of Big Brother Canada.  Gary and Jillian leave the house holding hands.  Gary goes straight to his mother.  Arisa congratulates Jillian as do the other house guests.  Arisa asks if she thought it would happen - Jillian says no.  Arisa says it is a wrap.

Thank you to all who stopped by to read our recaps, we appreciated the visits. We hope you will stop by from time to time to read up on other reality shows or even join us in the Forum.  Once again, Well Done to the producers and staff of the show - it was an amazing first season!  And finally, a very special shout out of thanks to Justin, you rock!   We are looking forward to the next season of Big Brother Canada.


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