Big Brother 15 Updates "Top Ten" 1:30 PM BBT, Tuesday, 7-2-13
In the bathroom David, Aaryn, and Nick are talking about their bucket lists. Nick would like to visit South America. 

Nick talks about how he looks skinner because he isn’t lifting weights  like he does at home, it is just too hot hear in the sun.

By the pool Helen is talking about wanting to know how her Dad. If her dad is on his death bed she would leave, she is an only child and he is going through his second round of chemotherapy. Spencer said I wouldn’t want to know, there is nothing I can do.  They talk about the negatives and positives of telling house guests about if someone dies knowing about it while in the house.  They talk about what it was like when they were kidnapped and their last phone calls. Helen’s dad didn’t  understand what the game was, Kaitlin’s dad thought she was being sold into sex slavery, Jeremy’s mom was so happy, Andy’s dad who is normally stoic was super happy.

Jeremy’s mom pushed him to sign up. They move on to whose family members bought the live feeds and who will watch after dark.  They start talking about what celebrity they would like to see in the house.

Amanda and Candice are naming the cameras.

The pool crew begins talking about sequester. They had pool time and exercise time and a host of other things, a couple of them saw each other.

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When they come back they are talking about beetle Juice and Hone Alone, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, goonies, Star Wars and Hook. They begin talking about awesome actors, their top ten.

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