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Wife Swap leadCelebrity Wife Swap
Recap For July 14, 2013

Hello and welcome to Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC. Tonight Andy Dick and Lorenzo Lamas's ladies will switch lives for one week to see how the other half lives. 

We get a look at each of their lives before we get to the switch. Lina is right, Lorenzo is HOT! Shawna is not happy that Andy basically does what he wants. She seems a bit cautious and not in the mood to raise another child.

Lorenzo meets Lina and introduces his children. He says he is a fan of Andy's. 

At dinnertime, everyone does whatever, which really doesn't make Lina happy. She later on goes to do Shawna's job as a bottle service girl, which is much tougher than she thought it would be. 

The next morning, Lina is surprised that Lorenzo made all the kids lunch and is hands on. She says Andy never does anything like this. 

Once the kids are off to school, Lorenzo takes her on a bike ride and on a helicopter.

Lorenzo has an event, so Lina goes as his date. He explains that he and Shawna do events separately, but Lina doesn't get why they can't do things like this together.  

The rule changes include eating together and no microwave. They will also need to do a low key activity as a family, as well as less time on the cell phones. 

Lorenzo and Lina write poetry on the street corner. He can write me a poem anytime, just saying. 

The girls make crafts with Lina, which they love. 

When it comes time to throw out the microwave, it is a big, yet hilarious production. They make dinner together and the girls actually have a good time cooking and spending time as a family. Lorenzo seems very grateful for this change.

Meg seems to like Shawna already.  She spends time with the girls, who wish they had this time with Andy. Shawna feels bad and wishes Andy would realize this.

{sidebar id=8}The next morning, Andy is lounging and makes Shawna prepare them green shakes.

Shawna picks up the kids and makes a raw lasagna for dinner. while they are eating, Andy's girlfriend Jen shows up. She thought they were going out to dinner and is not happy with the change of plans. Shawna is not happy with the criticism of her food. This causes a fight with Andy and Jen. 

The rule changes include Andy helping out and more time together as a family. The girls are happy with this. 

Andy moves back into the house and is put right to work cleaning. 

They go to a trampoline funhouse for a family activity. Shawna loves seeing them all spend time together and takes pictures for them to remember the day. 

Before long, it is time for everyone to say goodbye and head for the reunion meeting. Everyone shares the pros and cons of the swap, especially about the red carpet debacle. Andy and Lina wonder why they aren't proud to share their love and support each other. It causes the Lamases to cry and Lina assures Shawna that Lorenzo isn't the bad boy people think he is. 

Shawna tells Lina that they got rid of the trailer and how it made Andy realize how much the girls want him there. 

The Dick family realize how much they mean to one another and the Lamases realize that they can be a family without electronics. 

Update: Andy is living in the house, helping out and bonding with the girls.

The Lamases plan to walk the red carpet together, have Sunday dinners together and got a new microwave. 

Tune in next week for a new Celebrity Wife Swap. Goodnight.

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