The Voice: Recap For September 24, 2013

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Recap For September 24,  2013

Hello and welcome to the second night  of blind auditions for The Voice on NBC. Tonight, each team will select members for their team and prep them for the live shows….and hopefully a win.

We open with a performance by Jacqui Lee. who is a New Jersey Italian. Her voice has a motion meets soul feeling to it. She actually reminds me a bit of my friend Miss Melanie from Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats. For such a young girl, she is quite impressive. It takes awhile, but finally Christina and Blake both turn around….and her family goes wild!

Christina is impressed that she is only sixteen.

Cee-Lo wants her boots.

The judges talk a bit about geographical locations and her boots….then Blake and Christina state their cases as to why they should coach her. In the end, she chooses Christina.

Barry Black is a twenty seven year old who left the family business to focus on his music. His rendition of What You Won't Do For Love is pretty close to the original…and the horn gives it an interesting twist. Both Adam and Blake turn around.

The night's out of context quote: I am desperate for this man!

He chooses Adam.

Matt Usner talks about his family, growing up with divorced parents and how he and his stepdad finally grew close to one another. I enjoy his version of Dirty Little Secret, but the judges don't seem as impressed because none of them turn around. He is sent home, but Cee-Lo seems to regret his decision once he sees him. The other judges also seem to love him and encourage him to come back next year.

Destinee Quinn is a musician who wants to get her big break as a country singer. she currently works at a biker bar and does everything from booking gigs to traveling on her own. She gets a special message from her idol Alice Cooper.

She has a Carrie Underwood likeability to her and wins over Christina right away. Cee-Lo also turns around.

Christina calls her an angel of God and says it is 'destiny' and they belong together.  The judges all agree she is amazing, but in the end she chooses Christina.

Cole Volsbury takes on the Jeffersons theme song and I immediately fall in love. Adam regrets not turning around. Cee-Lo does turn around and he ends up on his team.

Holly Henry is a singer/songwriter who works as a waitress to pay for college. She performs The Scientist and wins over ALL the judges!

Blake is officially excited for the season. Each judge gives her words of encouragement and reasons as to why she should choose them. At the end of the day, she chooses Blake.

Sammy C. has used music to cope with his battle with alopecia.However, his performance of Where's The Love fails to impress the judges, so he is sent home. They do like him, but want to see him grow more as an artist.

We get a montage of rejected acts and then get to Austin Jeckles, who performs Simple Man. He discusses his father's suicide and his life as a broke musician. Blake is quite impressed with him and they decide to work together.

EG Daily, who is best known for her voiceover work on Rugrats, performs a beautiful rendition of Faith Hill's Breathe.

Both Cee-Lo and Blake turn around for her and she ends up choosing Blake.

American solider Jonny Gray talks about his time serving and how much music means to him. Both Adam and Cee-Lo turn around, but all the judges are impressed with him.

As much as he wanted to work with Adam, he decides to go with Cee-Lo at the last minute.

Tessanne Chin ends the night with her rendition of Try by Pink that wins over all the judges. Adam thinks she can with the whole show. There is an epic battle between the judges, but at the end of the day she chooses Adam.

Join us next week for more auditions on The Voice, only on NBC. Goodnight.

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