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Recap For July 2, 2013

Hello and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight we see another set of auditions, this time in Chicago.

The first auditioner is Kelsey and Bailey, who is a dog. You can truly feel the love she has for him. They do a dance routine to We Go Together from Grease. It is truly cute and fun. These dog acts never get old.

Howard: Her lonely nights might pay off. This was incredible.
Heidi: It was fun and he didn't mess up.
Howie: It was cool to watch and America will love them.
Mel B: It was sweet and adorable.

They are off to Vegas!

We get another montage of acts that make it to the next round in Vegas. My favorite was the video storytelling dance. It is something so new, so unique, so fresh I hope they make it to the live shows.

David is a juggling balancer. He hopes to bring a little bit of danger to juggling by adding stunts. The addition of the fire and gasoline in a glass bottle, balanced on a stick and a balloon, held in his mouth has a ton of danger I don't quite grasp, but I know if done wrong, it could be bad. Everyone is ducking for cover, but impressed with what they see.

Howard: He is the first to risk Howard's life, but very impressed.
Heidi: she likes how different it is and how it worked.
Mel B: She wants more danger!
Howie: He commends me and says it was entertaining.

He is off to Vegas!

The Chicago Boyz are a jump roping and acrobatic team. It reminds me of one of the Macy's Stars of Dance from Dancing With The Stars. I am in LOVE! The human jump rope reminds me of the Call Me Maybe dance from the All Star season. It is just all around fabulous.

Heidi: The brought the house down. She loved it!
Mel B: Unique, captivating and something she wants to see more of.
Howie: They brought it home.
Howard: They are really good. He has the coach come out and commends him for everything he taught them.

They are off to Vegas!

2Unique do a cover of It's Tricky and other hit songs. It is fun, cute and just makes me smile through and through. It is hard to believe they are so young. This is just talent you don't see every day.

Mel B: She loves it.
Howie: They have the swag of a 20 year old.
Heidi: They are beyond cool.
Howard: They are the next big thing.


We get another montage of acts who move on to Vegas and then see a talented guitarist that only Howard seems to like so he is sent home.

Sully Dunn is another guitar player who is giving up college for a music carer. it is like nothing I have ever heard before, but I like his spirit and the heart he puts into the performance.

Mel B: He is a Green Day/Jimi Hendrix character. He is likable.
Howie: He is weird, wonderful and a star.
Heidi: He is unusual.
Howard: It is like being in a college dorm smoking and joking. Stay in school.

In a 3-1 vote, he is off to Vegas.

The second hour kicks off with Brandon James. He talks about being openly gay and how his parents disapprove. I just want to hug him. She is there with him at the audition though. He sings opera with such passion and just brings me to tears. I am at a loss for words and WOW......just wow.....Everyone is on their feet cheering, as they should be! Even my cat Aragorn is meowing in approval.

Howard: He proved himself and is what the show is about.
Heidi: She got goosebumps.
Mel B: He is incredible.
Howie: His mom should be proud and say she created a gem.

He is off to Vegas.

We get more auditions and move to San Antonio. The first act is Dave Fenley, who sings and plays the guitar. He is good and have a smooth voice with such power and passion. He is the male vocal counterpart for Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats.

Heidi: Strong, powerful voice.
Mel B: She liked it a lot.
Howie: He was just discovered tonight.
Howard: He is impressed with him.

Off to Vegas he goes!

Dancing Dylan Wilson is seventeen and an animation hip hop dancer. He says he invented hip hop there. If Twitch, Turf and Robert from Superstars of Dance combined all their talent, this would be it. I have never in my five years of covering shows like this ever seen dance like this and probably never will again. I would pay to go see this anywhere.

Howard: He was mesmorized by him.
Mel B: It was hot and sexy.
Heidi: She thought it was awesome.
Howie: A diamond in the rough who will shine on the show.


The next act is Hunk-o-Mania-International Men Of Steel. It is like Braveheart meets Magic Mike. I'm with Heidi....I can't get past their hotness. It is actually a very different act, but more for a bachelorette party than a televised talent show.

The men say no, the girls say yes. Heidi is not happy about this. I don't know anyone getting married, but I will be turning thirty in September and need entertainment for my party....just saying....

Lil' Mike and Funny Bone dance and sing. There is something about them that makes me unable to tear my eyes away from them...I don't know if I'd go to Vegas to see them, but if they were in my area performing, I'd go check them out. It is just good, campy fun.

Howard: He enjoyed it.
Howie: It was great.
Mel B: She liked the dancing and says it was spot on.
Heidi: It was entertaining.

They are off to Vegas.

The next act consists of a bunch of Iraq Veterans and I just want to thank them all for their service. They used to play after missions. I tear up when Howard thanks them.

The American Hitmen, as they are called, just blow me away. Not only are they talented, but they just are such good people and have such an incredible backstory....I can't even say anything other than thank you for your service and keep bringing us great performances like this.

Howard: He has been waiting two seasons for a band like this.
Heidi: She loved it and thought they were cool and confident. She wants to be in the front row for them and flirts with one of them.
Mel B: She loves their connection.
Howie: Amazing and he is glad they came back to be here. They're what the show is all about.

Join us next week for more America's Got Talent. Goodnight.

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