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Recap For June 12, 2013

Hello and welcome to Masterchef. Tonight our cooks will make steaks for firemen and have a pressure test with unexpected results.

The steak dinner will have to be done in 90 minutes and have two sides and a steak sauce. They will also need waiters and serve everything banquet style.

Bethy and Bime are the team captains and choose their team members. Bethy has the chance to steal someone, so she chooses Eddie for her team and sends Krissi to Bime's team.

The red team makes a reduction sauce, a cauliflower puree and sauteed mushrooms to go with their steak.

Bethy assigns everyone tasks, and then says they will make potatoes and peppers. A decision on the sauce has not yet been made.

The judges watch and make comments as the teams cook.  Bethy's team is going slow, which bothers Chef Ramsay…and Krissi. They finally decide to make a chimichuri sauce, and rush to finish everything.

Before long, it is time for the firefighters to eat. The blue team is serving incomplete dishes, while the red team struggles with working together.

The firemen vote and give commentary and it is announced that the blue team won.  The red team must do a pressure test.

Natasha and Kathy get into a fight, which causes everyone to yell at each other and act like fools in front of the departing firemen. It is quite embarrassing in my opinion.

Bime owns his mistakes and the rest of the team also puts blame on him. Only six of them will be cooking for a chance to stay in the competition. Bime is safe because he is the captain and he must choose one other person to save. He decides to choose Jordan.

The remaining people must cook eggs Benedict. The judges watch and make comments as people cook as per usual.

After the taste test, Krissi, despite her struggles, is declared safe, along with Bri.

The rest of the cooks, Luca, Natasha, Kathy and Beth, will have to do another challenge since they can't decide who should leave.

They are led into Chef Ramsay's burger restaurant.  The challenge is to make the patrons a signature burger as teams. The patrons will vote and the losing team will go head to head in another competition to see who is going home.

Luca and Kathy are a team vs. Natasha and Beth.

Natasha goes along with Beth's hangover burger which includes eggs and seasonings. She says if it fails, she will be to blame.

Luca and Kathy will make a burger with caramelized onions and no cheese.

Kathy is working slow, which makes Luca have to scramble and make some last minute changes.

The patrons arrive to taste the food and the teams are struggling to get everything done. Chef Ramsay has them take off their aprons and work on their own. Chef Ramsay is not happy with any of them.

The blue team is short on burgers to serve because they burned the buns.

The patrons, which include the fellow competitors,  don't seem to like any of the burgers, but vote on which one  they think is best.

It is a close call, but Natasha and Beth win the challenge. They are safe.

Kathy and Luca have to cook in a head to head challenge cooking butter poached lobster. They have 45 minutes to complete the challenge.

The pressure is on and the judges worry about how the two of them are handling the competition. It is a very close call, but in the end, Luca is SAFE,

Kathy is being sent home, but Chef Ramsay wants her to work for him one day. They all hug her as they say goodbye.

Join us next week for a visit from Joe's mom. Goodnight.









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