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Recap For May 22, 2013

Hello and welcome to the season premiere of Masterchef on Fox. Today is the first night of auditions where a quarter of a million dollars and a cookbook deal are on the line for the eventual finalists and winner.

The show opens with the hopefuls arriving and Joe Bastainich setting money on fire and saying if they are here for the cash they can leave now. Graham Elliott tells them that if they impress the judges, they will get a Masterchef apron.

The home cooks get started on a signature dish in hopes of impressing the judges.

Natasha is a stay at home mom who makes chimichurri skirt steaks and empanadas.  I like her idea of doing the cooking class at home.  She also serves them beer. She wins them over with her call it as she sees it spirit and delicious food. She gets an apron.

Nineteen year old Christine cooks a Korean duck dish. She leaves some raw fat on the duck, but Graham thinks the meat is really good. Chef Ramsay thinks it was a bit much, and says no. Joe says yes, Graham says no, but tells her to continue to work hard for her dream.

We get some more rejects and then get to a gentleman who cooks stripped and shaven beaver with frog chips. He seems to have a good personality that will work well with the show. However, disagreeing with the judge is not a good idea. He gets through on a 2-1 vote. He is confident he is going to win.

More cooks are rejected and then Jordan tries to impress with his cooking. He is wearing his late mom's apron for luck. He makes and ancho chile tostada that gets him an apron and the judges wanting more! Joe tells him he is the one to watch.

More rejects…..then Adriana makes Mexican Cactus Soup. It's a mixed bag but she gets an apron.

Four more cooks make it through and then George makes lamb/beef meatballs. Joe isn't impressed, but Graham thinks he should move on. Chef Ramsay tells him to go get his girlfriend Maria. He says no, but tells him to man up and sets the stage for George to propose. SHE SAYS YES! He may not be Masterchef material but he got the girl!

Krissi is a single mom from Philly who wants a better life for her son. Her son is there to surprise her. She makes dreamy potatoes and meatloaf florentine. She is told to go get her son, who idolizes Chef Ramsay. He is so supportive of his mom that it makes me cry. She is given an apron.


Bime kicks off the second hour with his Mofongo de Camarones. He gets an apron.

Jessie makes sea bass en croute. They seem a bit unsure if she is the real deal so they give her another test. Chef Ramsay makes her filet fish and then gives her an apron.

There is a dominatrix, a guy on a pogo stick and a guy with a robot next. Pogo stick dude and the robot are invited to stay. Can we get the robot on for real? That would be epic.

James makes crispy pork belly with lentil hash. He lost his parents and postponed his wedding just to be on the show….he had to fight for it but got an apron.

More rejects and people hitting on the judges and then we get to Sasha Fox the singing cook. She is hysterical….and gets an apron.

Rudy was in the hospital and a coma after the San Diego fires, but never lost his spirit. He wants to be a positive influence on others. He impresses with his story, but not his food for Joe.  Graham says yes, and Chef Ramsay also says no, but tells him to keep working hard.

More rejections….and then former NFL player Eddie makes his jerk meatloaf. He gets an apron.

Luca returns to try to get an apron. He cooks broccoli rabe ravioli and is told it is a risky choice. In a 2-1 vote he makes it to the next round!

Join us next time for more Masterchef! Goodnight.

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