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Tonight WeTV will premiere Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas. The show will follow up with five couples who were previously featured on Bridezillas to try and save their marriages. TVGrapevine recently caught up with Porcha to talk about her experiences on the shows.



Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Born & raised in Mississippi I have one child & I work in healthcare. I am a very hard worker, very easy to get alone with, very strong personality.
What made you decide to go on Bridezillas?
Actually my mom & sisters signed me up. I never thought that I would get picked but I was going crazy planning my wedding so they confirmed easily that I was a Bridezilla.
What was the most memorable part of being on the show?
The entire episode was memorable because I receive "quotes" from my episode daily from my Bridezilla fans, so the show is still a part of me daily. But my favorite scenes are; The levee, the nailshop & my bachelorette party.
Do you have any regrets about anything that occurred?
 Absolutely not!
What is the most important lesson you learned about yourself from being on Bridezillas?
 I didn't know I cursed so much but the most valuable lesson is to always be yourself.
Tell me a little bit about Marriage Boot Camp
Marriage Boot Camp is about 5 former Bridezillas couples moving in together under one roof to work out their problems. Our marriages are tested daily to see it we can overcome each test to save our marriages.
Why did you decide to do the show?
I wanted to go because we were having issues & I found out that the directors did this for a living so this made me want to give it a try.

What to you hope to gain from your experience on the show?
Most importantly I wanted to work on myself because I know I am far from perfect. Being around people who don't know you see things that people who know you don't.
What advice to you have for brides and newlyweds?
Brides please hire a very experienced wedding planner to take away all the stress. Newlyweds keep your friends & family members out of your marriage. A marriage should be between two people!
How has your life changed since doing both shows?
I am the exact same person, but I handle things a lot differently than I did at first. I don't dwell on things that I can't change & that was a big problem for me at first. I say what I have to say & I leave it at that.

What are the most important lessons you learned about yourself?
I found out that I was still holding on to some things in my past that I never knew existed. This can explain why I sucked  my thumb for so long.
Would you do anything differently?
No because I wouldn't be who I am today. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to know there are some things you have to change in life.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
Funny but true. I am easily frustrated & I get bored very quickly & I love to freaking sleep.
Any last words for America?
I read all the comments I receive about me being on tv. Actually the majority of the comments are positive, & I really appreciate all the love! I brought a lot of laughter to people because most people who watch Bridezillas never get a chance to laugh but I came along & made this show laughable. For the negative comments, please keep calm it’s just tv don't take it so personal








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