Friday March 24, 2017

Jamie LunerThe Perfect Boss

Ten Facts About Jamie Luner


Jamie Luner has been acting her entire life, getting her start at three years old in a commercial with Suzanne Somers. She went on to star in Growing Pains, Melrose Place and All My Children. With each role, she brought a commanding presence, showcasing talent and star quality far beyond her years. Her role as Jessica in The Perfect Boss is no different.

The Perfect Boss, which premiered on LMN tonight, is about a pharmaceutical company that is trying to prevent the truth about a new drug becoming public knowledge. I don't want to give away any spoilers since I know people will be watching tonight, but I will say that Jamie knocks the role out of the park. She is so good, that I would not be surprised if she gets some award nominations this year!

TVGrapevine recently talked to Jamie to promote the movie. As a huge fan of hers since Growing Pains, I have to say it was a true honor to speak with her. By the time we were done talking, I felt like I had a new friend. Below are some of the highlights of our chat.

She says she had a 'beautiful, blessed career' and is glad to have worked as consistently as she has.

Her favorite roles are ones where she gets to play strong women, particularly teachers and moms.

She says there is always a chance she could go back to All My Children and wants to the fans to reach out and let them know they want to see Liza Colby again.

She says each role has been wonderful and that they represent many moments and chapters in her life.

When asked about the move to AMC to the internet, she says that it is the way of the times and a way to keep the show alive. It is the next evolution in soaps.

Her new projects include Out Of Reach, where she plays a cult leader, Glades, and The Cheating Pact (WT), which involves SAT cheating.

She would love to to more singing and dancing in the future, particularly on Broadway.

She doesn't have a favorite medium. Each one gives her a different feeling and she loves to fo them all.

She says she is actually very shy in person.

She believes that we should keep taking care of the planet and mother nature.

Thank you to Jamie and her publicity team for this interview and check your local listings for LMN's The Perfect Boss.

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