Friday March 24, 2017
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Chatting With The Finalists

Now that this season of All Star Celebrity Apprentice is coming to an end, finalists Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins are faced with their biggest task to date...inventing a new ice cream flavor and presenting it at an exclusive event. As you may remember from last week, Penn and his team (Lisa Rinna, LaToya Jackson and Dennis Rodman) invented a Vegas Magic Swirtle flavor that has chocolate turtle candies with caramel, chocolate swirls and vanilla ice cream and Team Trace (with Gary Busey, Marilu Henner and Lil' Jon) invented a Maple Macadamia Mashup. I have personally tried both these flavors with my family today and it was hard to decide which one was better...America, let us know what you think! (For the record Penn's was filled with my favorite combination of chocolate, sea salt and caramel, while Trace's reminded me of Sunday morning breakfasts as a child.)

This past week, TVGrapevine talked to the two finalists, along with Mr. Trump, Lil' Jon and Lisa Rinna (who both just missed making the final two) about the experience and what they expect to happen at the finale. Below are some of the highlights of the chats:

Mr. Trump, who fired both Lisa and Lil' Jon early on in last week's episode says that while he couldn't keep the both of them on the show, he is very proud of what they accomplished, not only on the show, but for their charities. (Lisa was raising money for St. Jude's, Lil' Jon was raising money for the American Diabetes Association.

Mr. Trump will announce which flavor ice cream is is favorite on air during the finale.

He considers Lisa and Dennis Rodman to be the All Stars season's comeback kids due to all they accomplished during this season.

Lisa Rinna says her comeback was good because she was able to teach her daughters that you can fail, come back and succeed. She says that the entire experience was positive and she was able to not only make her daughters proud, but also raise money for her charity.

Lil' Jon says this was a tough journey, but it was great to make it to the final three. He adds that despite not winning, he loves the fact that he was able to come back and help Trace out with the final task.

Penn Jillette is 'thrilled to pieces' to be in the final two and calls the final task exciting. He jokes that he should win because Trace is the best the show ever had and he is just a little bitter.

Trace Adkins says he came to win and fully expected to be in the final two with Penn. He adds that this season was a lot more fun because they all knew what to expect.

There will be MUCH more news tomorrow night as we report live from the red carpet. Stay tuned.

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