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Recap For July 11, 2013

Last time, our remaining five chefs nearly matched five previous Hell’s Kitchen champions, and even though they lost, Ramsay saw their abilities and was so pleased with them that he allowed Susan and Cyndi to keep their black jackets and stay in the competition. However, tonight’s elimination could be any number of people, so the chefs have to be on their toes if they’re going to survive.

In the ladies’ dorm, Mary is having it out with her fellows, upset that she is and still be considered the weakest chef despite how far she’s come since the beginning.

The next morning, Ramsay introduces to them a new dish, something that is coming on as a big thing in 5 star restaurants, and after a bunch of sophisticated guesses, he presents to them … the gourmet hamburger. He serves them in one of his restaurants in London, some of which can go for up to $100 each … WOW! Their challenge will be to create a gourmet burger for their panel of judges: a room filled with culinary specialists, including Jean-Philipe. Nice! 30 minutes to cook, starting now!

The chefs are taking some risks with their burgers. Ja’nel is doing a salmon burger – easy to overcook. Jon is doing a Roman burger, but his buns are too big. I know it sounds very wrong, but it’s true. Finally, the cooking is done and the chefs go out to let the diners in on how they came to their individual conclusion. Mary is stuck on how creamy it is, repeating the word about 5-10 times. Jon is still in the kitchen and he is losing valuable face time.

The judges are finally ready to judge. The results are:
- last place: Susan
- first place: Jon!

Well done, Jon. Long live the Roman burger. As a reward, he’s going for a spa day at Dtox Day Spa, and he can take a teammate of his choice. True to their character, the girls all want to go, but in the end, he picks Cyndi. Nice pick. Apparently, she “like one of the guys.” Seriously, dude? As for everyone else, for a great job, Jean-Philippe is getting a day off. Who gets the chores he and his team to constantly? Who else?! He breaks out a long list; it doesn’t go all the way to the floor, but it is really bad for the losers.

This is Jon’s first spa day, and he is having fun! Meanwhile, the ladies are washing JP’s car. Really? They’re going to wash a car in those black jackets? Totally killing it for any men present. Heh. Next, ironing, laying out silver and vacuuming. Wow, I do not envy them right now.

Finally, all the chores are done and it’s time to prep the kitchen. Five chefs are going to feed the entire dining room, so they need to do things right. This will be the toughest test they’ve had to date. The orders start coming in … SHOWTIME!

{sidebar id=8}Jean-Philippe has an unexpected problem: a VIP, Antonio Sabàto, Jr. comes in, but he gets is able to snag him and his guest the Chef’s table.

Not long after, the risotto come out like mush. Seriously? Take a deep breath, Ja’nel, and make it right! The diners are restless. Glee’s Ashley Fink is in the dining room, too, so they gotta get this going. Ja’nel recovers quickly and customers are getting more and more satisfied, that is, until the sliders come out greasy and without pâté. True to their screw-up streak, the next round comes out bone dry. COME ON, MARY! Black jacket material, apparently, she is not.

The third time is the charm, and the appetizers are leaving steadily. Time for entrees to start being called. Jon sounds like he knows what he’s doing, directing traffic with the meat, but noting seems to be working. Susan burned the garnish. COME ON! How many times are these black jacket chefs going to screw up? Jon’s the only one who hasn’t been bawled out yet.

Speed bumps aside, the chef’s table is impressed with the results. Almost immediately, however, Susan is screwing up again, calling entrees before the appetizers are done leaving! She’s making Ramsay so mad, he throws his apron at her and walks out, telling her to run the kitchen. Can anyone say, “kitchen apocalypse?”

Somehow, Susan’s directions aren’t causing the kitchen to collapse from within. Ramsay is back, and he’s observing the way they operate. Finally, the service is over.

He was expecting more of the best, but it was a total disaster. At this stage of the game, they should not be sucking this badly. Two people are being put up tonight. Cyndi and Jon are the only ones who didn’t screw up tonight. There’s lot of yelling going on back there – I don’t know if a decision is going to be reached any time soon.

The first nominee is Mary, and the second is a split between Ja’nel and Susan, so just as I thought, no proper decision. The usual back and forth between chef and wanna-be chefs. The chef leaving Hell’s Kitchen is … Susan. She’s done. After what happened tonight, I’m not surprised, but Ramsay tells her he may have a job for her somewhere down the line. Still, after all the crap tonight, I respect her for her effort, and for lasting this long.

The final four are sent to the back.

Next week, there may be two eliminated, and that may create some conspiracies. Who will move on to the final and who will be crushed? We’ll find out next time on Hell’s Kitchen.

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