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Recap For July 7, 2013

Hello and welcome to Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC. Tonight, Nia Peeples and Tiffany will switch lives for a week to see how the other half lives.
We get a look at their lives and watch them move into their new lives and get acquainted with the rules and families.

Tiffany's guest room is a tent…in the backyard. Okay, then!

Nia starts cleaning, but is not happy that Tiffany's husband Benn is always on his phone.  She is especially annoyed that he does it at the dinner table.

During dinner, she tries pork and is surprised that she actually enjoyed it. When the meal is over, she is surprised everyone goes their separate ways rather than spending time as a family.

The next day, she works at Tiffany's boutique. She feels a bit overwhelmed at the whole process.

Later that day, they work on a song together.  

The rules include that work can wait, no phone for Benn or else he has to do an apple cider vinegar shot and rock climbing for Eli. She also says eat to live, not live to eat.

To start, they go on a walk with the dogs together.

Benn has to do a shot for using his phone.

Nia makes them drink her special shakes, which Ben actually kind of enjoys.

{sidebar id=8}TIFFANY:
Nia's husband Sam wants his daughter Sienna to play outside instead of doing her homework, which surprises Tiffany. She thinks she should be working on her study skills.

Tiffany announces that she doesn't dinner, which makes Sam think she is a diva.  She is not happy about sleeping outside and wants to move into a hotel.

Sienna has to rush to do her homework in the morning, which worries Tiffany.

I like how she gives Nia's son advice on his aspiring music career.

Tiffany and Sam spend time outside and drinking kale smoothies.

The new rules include no surf talk, Sienna doing her homework when she gets home, the son going rock climbing, no surf talk for Sam, doing things other people want to do and a honey do list. She also offers to work on a song with Chris. That is really cool. Sam also has to go salsa dancing with her.

Sam is not happy with the to do list.

Sienna is happy that her work is done and she doesn't have to rush in the morning. They also enjoy a breakfast together.

Sam enjoys the salsa dancing and realizes it is fun to enjoy something someone else likes to do.

Chris and Tiffany work on a song together. He worries about selling out, but she says they are collaborating. She explains how he has to step out of the box. He says they are different but agrees to work with her anyway.

Before long, the switch is over and it is time for the meeting. They each give the pros and cons of the experience and offer advice on how to improve things. The biggest issue is with Tiffany and her supposed control issues. She says they can't live like they are on vacation all the time.

Sam calls her a dictator! WOW. The two of them argue a bit but then all hug it out and go home.

The update shows Nia writing more music, Sam doing more around the house, better grades for Sienna, Chris performing in LA and more family time for Tiffany.

Join us next week for a Celebrity Wife Swap featuring Andy Dick and Lorenzo Lamas. Goodnight!

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