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Hi everyone~! Wednesday’s show did not disappoint! Family night reunites survivors and their loved ones. I hope it gives remaining players the boost to endure another week.

The show was entertaining, though I didn’t think they showed enough interaction with the family members.  I don’t think they got the total experience by sleeping out there with them this year, if they did, they didn’t show any of that night time drama.

Chrissy wins the challenge for the loved one’s experience, by matching colored balls to her husbands, round by round till they were only ones left. That didn’t take long, most of the players were out in the first round. Competition as usual between Ben and Chrissy.  She gets to pick others to join in, she of course picks Ryan and his dad, Dr. Mike and his wife, and Ashley and her dad.  She did this just to spite Ben for blindsiding the vote last week.

On to the Immunity challenge. This one is an old one, torture on the arms trying to keep the discs up on either side, arms stretched out to the max, and little bells on the bottom of the discs that would drive you nuts if you were listening to that for a long time.  Didn’t take long on this challenge either, Devon and his buddy Ashley pull it out and he gives the win to her, he gets a shoulder massage.  Lauren completed her immunity idol necklace by picking up a shell in front of her spot.  

Meanwhile, back at camp, the rest are all scrambling.  This was fun to watch. All are paranoid to the highest levels.  I think its a lot of lack of nutrition, and to much salt air to their brains…Ben catches his alliance talking about him, then he tells the rest of the total tribe, about Lauren’s advantage and immunity necklace, which she found, part on a trail they were out looking for the idol, and the other was at the challenge, a shell in front of her spot. Put the two together, instant protection, you would think its that easy…read on!!

Lauren thinks she now needs to get votes on her side, against Ben, so GIVES mike the shell part of the necklace before tribal!! Are you kidding me? Is she nuts? She was my favorite player till then, a time when immunity is key and screw the rest. Well, it didn’t help her.

At tribal, Jeff did what he does best, and wreaks havoc and chaos between the remaining tribe.  The camera pans over to the jury a lot, which they are loving it…doing their best to maintain a fiber of seriousness but all smiles because they loved watching the alliances crumble before their eyes. Dr. Mike gets up and throws the shell in the fire, so there goes Lauren chance of a save, and then she also tells them she left the extra vote back at camp! Are these guys even thinking at all?

All of a sudden little ‘side bar’ meetings happened, two-three people over here, and a few on the other side all huddled together to make a final decision… they all are mad at Ben, decide to vote Ben out, so the best kicker of the night was all of them wrote Ben’s name, except for Ben, he wrote down Lauren, and Ben played his “secret” idol, that he was smart enough to not tell the others on his alliance, he plays it and he stays, Lauren is voted out with ONE vote, from Ben!! Though I hate to see her go, she had that coming. She could have played her idol, stayed safe and watch even more chaos continue, and don’t worry, but she was stupid. I think the drama and chaos will get juicy next week because now it’s Ben against the world….

Are there anymore idols left? If so, they should be in play this next week, maybe replacing the two played tonight?  Will anyone scramble to find Lauren’s extra vote she left at camp? Ashley looks the most physically fit at this time but she can’t seem to think for herself.  I have to pick a new winner now, and though I would like to see Chrissy go next week, and Ben go on, if he doesn’t play smart, he will be next in the jury.  I see Devon just riding the waves to the top at this point and no one saw him coming.  Enjoy your day.  



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