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Tonight on Survivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers, the tribe returns back to camp after Tribal Council and discuss Joe's departure into the Jury.  With seven left, they discuss that it was a necessary move. Ryan is concerned that he has no protection after playing his idol, and feels that his only ally is Chrissy.  

Chrissy gets that this is a game and when Ben betrays her at Tribal Council, she is very disappointed in him and in his response, which is that this is a game, and when something doesn't go her way, she sees the others as bad guys.

Jeff calls the tribes and Ashley is greeted by her dad, Jim.  Ryan's dad joins him. Ryan explains that he and his dad watch and dissect the game together and this is a dream come true for him.  Mike greets his wife, and says that this is the love of all time. Lauren's sister, Sunny joins her and they hug it out.  Lauren says that she is living her sister's dream since her sister tried out as well. Chrissy is joined by her husband of twenty years. She says that he is her everything. She says she has the most incredible family.  Devon greets his mom, Sonya.  Devon is in tears as he hugs her.  He says that this period away makes him realize what love and support is.  Ben greets his wife, Kelly, and she is in tears. He says that she smells so good.  He asks about the kids and she says that they are good.  He talks about how his wife saved him after his days in the war zone overseas.

Jeff tells them that the only way to get more time with their loved ones is to be in synch with them.  They draw for marbles and if they are the same color they get time with their loved ones at camp. Lauren and Sunny do not pull the same color.  No match for Mike. Ryan has no match either.  Ben and Kelly draw the same color. Chrissy and her husband are a match. Ashley and her dad draw different colors and so are Sonya and Devon.  They now have a showdown of those who matched. Ben and Kelly do not match, Chrissy and Keith match and they win the showdown.  Chrissy chooses Ryan to join them and then Dr. Mike and his wife.  Chrissy now chooses Ashley and her dad.  

The rest say goodbye to their loved ones. Ben, Lauren, and Devon go back alone. Chrissy tells us that Ben picked the wrong time to turn on her so she did not choose him to see his wife. She wants him to regret that he double crossed her.

Back at camp Chrissy tells her husband that she thought that Ashley might be the easiest to break and she needs one to turn and join them. Ashley realizes that Chrissy is on the bottom and in danger and will say anything to help her position.  When Chrissy points out that Ben is very social and has the credentials to win Ashley is tempted, but does not tell her that the group has considered Ben.  

Lauren, Ben, and Devon go on an idol search.  Ben makes a fake idol in hopes of Chrissy finding it and using it, only to be embarassed when it is not real.  Lauren sees that Ben is taking the game to a personal level and is not impressed. A bit later, Lauren finds a bag that has half the idol in it with a clue saying that the rest is on a deck at the next challenge.  She must have both parts for it to have the power of immunity. She shares the information with Devon and Ben.

The tribes are called for the immunity challenge.  They must stretch out their arms with fingertips pressed against two wooden disks. When they lose the strength to keep the disks in place with their fingertips, the disks will fall and they are out. Each station is designed for the length of each person's arms. They all make it past fifteen minutes, but Ben is readjusting often. Ryan is dropping his disks, but they are still holding. Ben loses it and is first out. Chrissy drops hers as well. Ryan loses it and now it is four, Devon, Ashley, Mike, and Lauren.  Lauren quits. She says her shoulders are done. Lauren retreives her idol from the deck.

Devon says that this sucks, and now it is Devon and Ashley.  Devon says that he and Ashley are strong allies and one is as safe as the other.  Devon negotiates, but he is offered a massage by Ashley and Devon drops. Ashley wins individual immunity.

Lauren says that she got the shell to complete the idol, and with the four of them voting the same way, it will be Mike, Chrissy, or Ryan voted out tonight.

Devon, Ashley, and Lauren talk privately.  Ashley wants to see Ben gone, but Devon thinks that it should be Chrissy.  Ben comes by and sees them together, hears his name, and puts two and two together.  He goes to Mike and lets him know that Lauren has an idol and an advantage.  He tells Ryan that he will go with Chrissy, Mike, and Ryan to vote out Lauren.  He knows that Chrissy is a hard sell. Ben goes to Chrissy and tells her that he wants to work with her.  He tells her that Lauren has an extra vote and an idol. When Chrissy hears that she is not trusting him, but when Mike goes to her she tells him that she is still leaning towards Ben.  Mike needs to protect himself so he goes to Lauren, Devon, and Ashley and tells them that he knows about idols and advantages that they did not tell him about.  In a show of trust, Lauren gives half the idol to Mike. She wants to vote Ben out and needs Mike to help her get back on top.

Jeff opens the Tribal Council.  Lauren confronts Ben about confiding her advantage and the idol.  Ben defends himself saying that he heard them talk about him and he had to play the game.  Lauren says that she did not bring her advantage to play it tonight.  Mike, who has half the immunity idol tosses it in the fire and says he has wanted to do that for fifteen years. Devon says that no one trusts Ben now since he spilled their alliance information.  Devon says that Mike is not the threat that Ben is.  Devon and Ryan talk about sending Ben home and when Mike speaks to Chrissy about it, Chrissy says that she won't. She wants to send Lauren home. Ben announces that he will write Lauren's name down.  

The votes:
Jeff asks for an immunity idol and Ben plays his. He says that he is wearing a fake idol he made for his wife, but she led him to a real idol during her visit. Ben's votes will not count.

Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Lauren.  Ben's lone vote took Lauren out.  Lauren wishes them luck. Devon says that this game is crazy and Ashley says that they should have taken him out sooner. Jeff tells them that this was a crazy, but real Tribal Council in which the only thing that counted was the only secret kept.

Lauren speaks:
Lauren says that her mistake was in giving Mike half the hidden immunity idol.  It cursed her, and she is done. Oh well.

Next episode:
Ben's big move breeds fear, but a nemesis turns the tide. The others worry that Ben will make final three if they do not ally against him.


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